Saturday, 1 May 2010

Mixed day

Good morning ladies. Well what a day Friday turned out to be. When I went in to afternoon visiting Fiona was not looking so well as she had been. The pneumonia seems to be making a comeback and she is back on the intravenous antibiotics. They took her away for another chest Xray to find out what is going on. With that it did not matter what the Plastics peole said she will not be home just yet.
There's a fantastic nurse on Fiona's ward called Claire and she is with it. She always goes the extra mile. She did not think Fiona was well enough to go to the Plastics clinic so she phoned them up and arranged for them to come up to the ward. I was still there when they came and I saw the wounds uncovered. I hadn't seen them since Fiona had gone in. What a wonderful surprise we got. They are really clearing up. The improvement is amazing. I couldn't believe they had come on so well. Her heel is so much better. The outcome is that they obviously don't want to do anything with this pneumonia lurking and they think that everything should heal well anyway. They are going to see her again in two weeks and they hope that if today's improvement is maintained they will not have to operate. They reckon that the intarvenous antibiotics combined with the oxygen she has been on has meant that the wounds have been getting a far healthier blood supply and this has accelerated the healing process.
When I left we were both a lot happier. If they can knock this pneumonia on the head things are really looking up.
I'm afraid you'll have to suffer me for a day or two yet. Thanks again for your support.


  1. Its certainly a rollercoster of emotions!!! Great news about the wounds, I do hope they continue, I'm sure this pneumonia will start to clear up soon, I remember my sister having it and within hours she was back in hospital, so it is better Fiona stays put. It makes a huge difference when a nurse is so willing to help, lets hope next week brings the news you are both waiting for.
    Take care, best wishes and fingers crossed,
    Angela x

  2. Fantastic news that Fiona's wounds are healing so well she might not need surgery. I'm sure they'll get on top of the pneumonia soon too and Fiona will be able to get home. That nurse sounds just what you hope and expect a nurse to be like. Fingers crossed that Fiona gets home to be spoiled by you very soon.

    Kat x

  3. Hi William , what a day for you both. I am so glad the wounds are healing so well, and the lady above is right - there is no point coming home until the Pneumonia is cleared up.
    Fiona will be glad of the nurse - its good to have someone you can trust.
    Thank you for your update William - i hope you are ok too .
    Take care of yourself too.
    Love to Fiona
    Lisa ;)

  4. well I'm just echoing the same - so thankful the Lord has provided Fiona a wonderful caring nurse! and that the wounds are healing! that pneumonia is tough to battle!!! hope you are able to and hugs to Fiona,
    in Christ

  5. It's certainly best to have Fiona in where she's clearly getting the best care right now until her pneumonia is cleared up. So pleased to hear about her wounds though and that they have made such a great recovery! Hang in there for a few more days - so glad Fiona has such a caring & attentive nurse & husband!
    Take care of yourself William and thanks again for your continued updates on here - they are much appreciated!
    Hugs, Danielle

  6. Suffer you William, not at all. You are an amazing husband and friend. To take time out of your incredibly busy day to inform us all of Fiona condition is truly wonderful. You are a gem. Please give Fiona my love and I hope this darn pheumonia goes soon. Hugs xo Jackie

  7. Cor, what a time you are both having. Up one minute, down the next. Shame about the pneumonia returning, but what a bonus about those wounds! Thank goodness she may not have surgery after all. Now, fingers crossed for the swift dispatch of the pneumonia.
    Take care hun,
    Teri xx

  8. hiya William thankyou once again for keeping us up to speed with Fiona a rocky road indeedy but positive news as well, lets hope the result of the chest x ray is good news as well and she shall be home asap and not even have to think now of surgery on top.
    Love to you both xx

  9. What wonderful support you have Fiona and William by way of your sweet nurse.It would certainly brighten Fiona's day having a lovely nurse there for her regularly....thinking of you and glad to hear of such good news about your foot healing up nicely.HUgs from Aussie land

  10. Thanks for the continued updates William, they are most appreciated. It is great to hear of the healing, just need to get rid of that pneumonia now. so pleased she has a good nurse.

  11. You really have your ups and downs now. One thing is good to know and that is that her wounds are getting better. I`m sure that next weekend we`ll have Fiona writing on her blog again. Give her my hellos and tell her that we miss her here in blogworld. :)

  12. Well that was a surprise bonus for having to be on oxygen - I have heard before that extra oxygen heals so I wonder why they don't use this as a therapy. Hope Fiona continues to improve.
    Beryl xx

  13. It's not so nice about the pneumonia, but the fact the wounds are healing sure is good news. Sending love and warm wishes to the both of you.
    Take care William.
    Love Tracy x

  14. Hi William so pleased that you are both feeling a little better.
    Remember that thoughts and prayers are coming to you both from South Africa.
    When Fiona is home (soon)please have a look at the sunny card I have made with you both in mind.
    wishes xxx

  15. Hi William
    sorry im late, aww thats is great if they don't have to operate, better if nature can do it on her own, keeping all crossed. Gettin used to seeing you, so you will have to keep popping now!! lol. have good nite, sue.x

  16. Oh William, you must be an angel! What a lovely gesture to keep Fiona's blogfriends up to date with her progress. I've just heard the news of her being hospitalised from another blogfriend in South Africa and thought I would pop around to wish her well. Sending you both tons of prayers and hugs from Cape Town, South Africa. We wish her a speedy recovery. hugs Sharon

  17. hi william
    sory to hear Fiona has been poorly i am a friend of Sarahs i come from coventry but now live in Gibraltar send her my love
    sylvie xx

  18. Fabulous news about the healing, but disappointed that poor Fiona won't be coming home as hoped today. Hope that nasty pneumonia disappears soon! xxD


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