Monday, 10 May 2010

The Last Lap?

Good morning again ladies. Fiona is to be seen by a Medical Consultant today and he will have the say on whether she gets home or not. We are hoping that he will give her the OK. She is now desparate to get home to do some crafting again so here's hoping. I think she'll have to break herself in slowly but anything she does will be a bonus.
Thanks for caring,


  1. I am keeping everything crossed for the both of you.. Love and best wishes
    Lin xx

  2. Oh, let's hope this is the last lap and home is now on the horizon! Poor Fiona must be itching to get back into her craft room!! Fingers crossed for the good news!
    Hugs, Danielle

  3. Holding thumbs that today is the day x

  4. ok - will wait and do a happy dance when hear she's home...I know she is going to be soooooo glad to be home, in her own bed and looking at her garden!!!
    keeping you both in prayer!

  5. Morning William
    oh lets hope Fiona gets the all clear and can come home, i will keep everything crossed for her, hugs from me, sue,x

  6. Oh, lets hope you can pack that bag soon.
    Just make sure to take a warm coat as it's going to be cold again this week. Don't want to shock her system after the warm hospital do we!
    Everything crossed. . .
    Teri xx

  7. what great news fingers crossed she will be allowed home

  8. Oh I am hoping that Fiona can get to go home.I will be looking out for some good news!!!
    Hugs xx

  9. I do hope Fiona is home soon, I'm keeping everything crossed!!! I have enjoyed your up-dates William and hope Fiona allows you to say hello now and then.
    Angela x

  10. Fingers crossed for the both of you, hope it won't be long now.
    Take care
    Tracy x

  11. FIngers crossed for good news. It will just nice to get home and be in her own surroundings.And of course lovely to do a little bit of crafting as and when she feels able..
    Cant type any more everythings crossed lol!
    Lisa ;)

  12. Great news William. Fingers crossed for good news. But Fiona must be feeling a lot better if she's keen to get back to her crafting.

    Kat x

  13. Oh William I so hope Fiona gets the homeward bound from the doctor today, I am sure she is really missing her crafting and as long as she takes it easy I am sure it will do her the world of good to get back into it.
    Kim xXx


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