Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Last Post

Good morning ladies. You will be pleased to hear that the next post put on this blog will be from Fiona herself.
The next week is going to be a bit hectic so I don't know how much blogging she will do but she is keen to get back in to the swing as soon as she can.
The timetable is:
Today - I should take delivery of an oxgen machine for the house so that she will not need to rely on bottles. Fiona will then come home by ambulance.
Thursday - I am to go to the local chemist for a small oxygen cylinder that she will be able to use in the car.
Friday - I am to take her to the Plastics Clinic in Perth when we expect her heel to be given the all clear since it has healed so well.
Next Tuesday - I'm to take her back to Perth to the Pain Clinic when they will reassess her and arrange for another epidural for her back pain which has worsened because she was on complete bed rest in hospital.
Apart from that it should be fairly quiet.
I would like to thank you all for your good wishes and company during Fiona's absense. Your comments, emails and cards have kept me busy and helped to pass what can be a lonely time. This is the first time Fiona has been in hospital since I retired and the days could have been quite long. I think you are all a marvellous bunch . Your prayers have sustained me. The Lord has a way of looking after us.
Thank you so much. It's now time for me to do a Gordon Brown and resign with dignity.
Love to you all,


  1. William, you have been such a huge support to Fiona and to us by keeping us posted and up-to-date with all her going-ons! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have given on the blog - it has been hugely appreciated and whilst I hugely look forward to Fiona's return, please know you will be missed! All the best and let's hope the next few days all go according to plan and that Fiona will be home safely today!
    Hugs, Danielle

  2. Wooooo Hooooooo!!!! Thats great news, it will be so much easier looking after Fiona at home, and I'm sure she will get stronger every day with your love and care.
    Thank you so much for keeping us all up to date with Fiona's progress you have done a grand job!!!
    Don't be a stranger, drop by and say hello sometime!!!

    Angela x

  3. Yipee! what great news. William you have been a fab stand in for Fiona - pity you couldn't have found the time to make a flower or two LOL! Hopefully we will hear from you as a guest blogger? Take care and love to you both

  4. This is fantastic news William. I could only image how lonely it must have been for you. I will miss your daily chats, but am so pleased that Fiona will be home with you. You are a wonderful man and it has been an extreme pleasure getting to know you (well you know what I mean)... My love to you both. hugs xo Jackie

  5. well, I must say...your closing comment made me chuckle out loud!! you are a comedian too!!! will be so glad to hear from Fiona and as others have stated - will now miss have a whole bunch of followers now! Fiona will have to give us a "William update" have really been a tremendous friend keeping us updated - thank you so much! I know you two will be so glad to be "home"...sounds like an exhausting schedule for a while..but so thankful Fiona's heel wont be giving her additional pain!
    Fiona, take your time and don't wear yourself out - I know when you get to Perth you will want to visit Stampaholics LOL
    hugs hugs hugs

  6. Oh such good news William! I'm a bit behind due to obligations, but I'm so happy to hear of the development. Thanks you so much for keeping us updated. You'll surely be missed, but we will be so happy to have Fiona home at last. xxD

  7. Morning William
    oh that is fantastic news, it will be lovely to have Fiona home bet you can't wait. I hope you will pop back n say hello every now n then??? Hugs to you both, thank you for keeping us so well posted William, will miss your good mornings, lol, sue.xx

  8. This is fantastic news William, it will be fabulous for you both to be home.. you sound like you are going to both be having a bit of a hectic schedule over the next few days...
    Thank you for keeping us all updated on Fiona's progress. I for one will miss you posts... x

  9. Good Morning Wiliam - i have to say i will miss your updates - but it will be wonderful to have Fiona home and for her to be back on her blog !
    I bet you are both excited today. I hope the O2 arrives as planned and everything goes smoothly.
    Have a great day
    Lisa ;)

  10. What wonderful news hun. You have been a complete and utter star. Thank you so much for your continued updates, it has been lovely 'getting to know you' a bit.
    I definately think a 'Guest Spot' on here is in order - LOL
    I hope things settle down quickly and you find your new routines easily. Lets hope the pain thing can be resolved efficiently too.
    All the best hun - to both of you. . .
    Teri xx

  11. William that is the best news, and Fiona will improve tenfold when she gets back to such a loving husband. Think maybe its time to have a William blog lol, then we won't have to miss you. Can't wait to have Fiona back though she has been so missed. Thanks for all the updates. Hugs

  12. Fantastic news, thanks for all updates on Fiona's health, you did a wonderful job.

    Lin x

  13. William you are an absolute rock to us all for keeping us all informed daily on fionas progress, replying to our e-mails and taking all those truck loads of cards to her bedside. We shall all miss you I'm sure Fiona will let you chat to us sometimes, even sneaky posts to let us know if Fiona is doing too much so we get instruct her as well heehee!! Lots of love to you both in the coming hours and days and I hope all we hear is positive posts about her health. Take Care William xx

  14. William,
    Thank You so much for keeping us up to date on Fiona, what wonderful news she is coming home,
    Special hugs to you both,
    Angie xx

  15. Excellent news William and sounds like you're going to be very busy.
    Hugs to you both.

  16. Aww William we will miss you! It will be great to see Fiona back! Hugs to oyu both, take care and keep well Rebekah x

  17. Thank you William for keeping us up to date on Fiona.
    It great news that she is coming home.
    Hugs to you both.
    from Anna in Sweden

  18. Hello to you both Great news that auntie fiona is coming home today. Will be thinking of you both You have turned into somewhat of a celebrity uncle william I think you must be due a chocolate biscuit for all your hard work. will be good to see auntie fionas creations again soon lots of love to you both.Carol xx

  19. Hello William,
    I'm soo pleased to hear that Fiona is coming home..Thank you for all of the updates...
    best wishes to you both...
    Mandy xx

  20. Hi William what wonderful news.... Yes!!
    Praying everything goes to plan for you both.xx
    Thank You for keeping us up-to-date. You will be missed William. Take care...sending you both love & best wishes. Gez.xx

  21. Awww William, you know you'll have to keep popping on and giving us a post. It sounds like everything is well organised. I'm sure when you both are together in your home, Fiona will feel so much better and you'll be able to both get some peace.
    Take care and love to you both.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  22. Fantastic news William sounds like you'll be kept busy next week too, but it will be so nice for you both to have Fiona at home, and I'm sure with your continued love , care and support she will be feeling loads better soon. Thanks you so much for all your updates, we will miss your daily chat. My best wishes to you both and big hugs for Fiona.
    xx Vee

  23. Hi William I hope you're going to be able to pop in and say hello sometime. We will miss your posts as you have been so good at keeping us up to date with Fiona's progress. I'm glad Fiona's followers have been able to support you in the only way we can.

    Bye for now and take care.

    Kat x


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