Friday, 28 May 2010

Hi girls. Thank you for your caring comments yesterday. You are all really so caring and it is a great encouragement.
What a guddle (good Scots word) yesterday turned out to be. William and I were just heading for the door to go to my hospital appointment when the doorbell rang. It was an ambulance that had been sent to collect me. Nobody had told us that one had been organised. It had no oxygen on board and the seats were ordinary bus style seats and I couldn't recline them so I had to sit in a position that hurt my back. We unloaded my oxygen and wheelchair from our car and were about to set off when the driver told us that William couldn't go in the ambulance. So he went in the car and waited for 25 minutes at the hospital for me to arrive - 5 minutes late for my appointment because the ambulance had other people to pick up on the way. The driver said that he would come back for me when he got time but William told him that he would take me home in the car rather than wait about.
The tests all went smoothly although the results were not very encouraging. Apparently my lung capacity is well below normal and the efficiency of transfer of oxygen to my blood is very low. This is because of a lot of scarring on my lungs due to the multiple bouts of pneumonia I have had in the last few years. The results are to be sent to the Consultant who will get in touch. In the meantime I will be on oxygen 24/7 until further notice.
I was so tired and sore by the time I got home that the rest of the day was a write off. It sounds as though I'm whinging but I'm not really - I'm well off compared to many.
Thank you so much for calling in. I appreciate you taking the time.


  1. Hi Fiona. What a day you`ve had. And the story about the ambulance, I can`t belive it. I`m so sorry to hear that you are still struggling with your lungproblems. I hope that they can help you and that you`ll be feeling better soon. Take care Fiona. Hugs Therese

  2. Oh My, what numpty's the hospital are for not telling you, and for sending a vehicle that is unsuitable, sounds about right tho,
    Hope they can do something to help you out more tho,

  3. You poor thing Fiona, its really an uphill struggle for you. But hang in there, things will get better I am sure of it. Big hugs

  4. What a completely useless bunch! You'd have been better off refusing the ambulance ride me thinks! Let's hope they can figure out what to do about those lungs hun!
    Keep your chin up. . .
    Teri xx

  5. hiya Hunnie I hope you're feeling a little better today, but goodness me what a day you had, I so hope the consultant can now with the results start some treatment that will work and you will feel brighter soon. Remember hun we are all here for listening whether its rambles or good news ok!!!
    Emma x

  6. Oh poor William must have been so annoyed at the ambulance service. My thoughts are with you Fiona and hope that they will get the right treatment for you and soon. Take care my friend. hugs xo Jackie

  7. Hi Fiona.. what an absolute shambles , but unfortunately that is the type of story i hear so often from many of my patients. I really don't know why it has to be. Make sure you ahvea good rest today to recover.
    Lisa ;)

  8. Tests and Hospitals are exhausting and I'm not surprised the rest of day was a write off. Remember to take plenty of time to rest and promise not to try and overdo things.

  9. Oh dear Fiona what are we going to do with you lol, it sounds like you had a right day of it. Lets hope the consultant can come up with some ideas to help the lung capacity. For now though you really do need to take things easy especially where your back is concerned as you know too well how much more uncomfortable things can get.
    Thinking of you both as always, take care.
    Kim xXx

  10. Thinking of you still Fiona and wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Beryl xx

  11. Hi Fiona, I hope you feel better now. This is dispicable and how awfully bad you have been treated. Poor William being told he cannot travel with you. I hope that you will recouperate well and please you have every right to moan being treated this way. Hugs Pascale

  12. Oh Fiona of course you're not whinging. I can understand what a horrible trip you had to hospital. I've heard lots about these journeys. My late father-in-law was once on what is known as patient transport (ie more like a minibus) which broke down somewhere. We don't really know where as he was originally from Lanarkshire and had no idea where he was. He was well over 80 at the time and by the time he got to his appointment, late of course, he was shattered. They felt so sorry for him that they produced tea and something to eat. On the face of it it seemed easier to use patient transport as they could take him to exactly where he had to go whereas I would have had to leave him alone at the door and go some distance to park. In practice it was a bit of a journey all over Aberdeenshire before he got to hospital.

    I hope you're resting today though I suspect you don't really feel like doing anything else!

    Take care now and say hello to William for me.

    Kat xx

  13. Awww Fiona it sounds like you had a right old day of it love, i'm praying they'll be able to sort your poor lungs out. Your in my prayers and thoughts, even the kids ask how your doing and the hubby!
    William is a gem and your so lucky to have each other in such trying times.
    Hugs to you both
    Tracy x


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