Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Still Improving

Good morning ladies. Well although Fiona continues to get a bit better each day now there has still been no mention of home. To be honest they have looked after her so well and they seem to be on top of all the problems were are both content to let them get on with it. Fiona has spent a lot of time in hospitals over the years and she has never been so well attended to so we'll just be paptient. Thank you all for your constant good wishes. They have been such a comfort.


  1. Sounds like Fiona is getting much better, great news!!
    Angela x

  2. It Sounds like Fiona is getting there, hopefully it won't be too long before you're allowed to go home. Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery, Pauline xx

  3. Morning William
    pleased to hear Fiona is still on the mend and being so well looked after, hoping she will be home soon, hugs, sue,x

  4. Hi there -glad everything is still improving and whilst it is then it is probably best to stay under their care. They should know what they are doing and will know when its best to discharge Fiona.
    Still thinking of you
    Lisa ;)

  5. If she is improving Hospital is probably the best place. Fiona will know herself when she is well enough to get home. In the mean time you can have fun posting to all your new fans lol.

  6. Poor thing will forget what home looks like soon! LOL.
    I do hope they let her out soon though. She must really be missing the crafting.
    Take care,
    Teri x

  7. I am so glad your both feeling comfortable with the situation, i'm sure it's the best way as while ever Fiona is in hospital they can monitor Fiona's health. And make sure she is truly ready for home. And ready to get back to her crafting.
    Take care
    Tracy x

  8. So glad to hear Fiona is continuing with her improvement! I'm sure home will be on the horizon soon but it's certainly good to know she's being very well cared for where she is!
    Big hugs, Danielle xo

  9. Sound as though Fiona is well on the mend now. I agree with the others that sometimes hospital is the best place to be. You'll probably know when Fiona is ready to come home!

    Take care,

    Kat x

  10. I'm sure Fiona's in the best place for at this moment in time. She's getting great care and you wouldn't want them to send her home before time (as they have to in some health authorities.)
    Beryl xx

  11. I agree with Pinky - when Fiona comes home...we will need our "William" blog LOL
    you've been so sweet looking after us...sending you a big hug Fiona!!

  12. I am so glad Fiona is still improving and that you both feel content enough for her to stay as long as necessary, nothing worse than the feeling of needing out too quick only to have to return.
    Please give her my love and well wishes and I really hope you are also looking after yourself William.
    Kim xXx

  13. They just love her so much they can't part with her, eh? Happy for the improvement and that she's being so well cared for. Miss her terribly though! xxD

  14. It's good to know that Fiona is being well looked after William,you don't want her comning home too soon it maybe set her back again. Nice to know she's in good spirits, helps the healing proccess.
    xx Vee


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