Friday, 7 May 2010

A Great Step Forward

Good morning ladies. All good news today. Fiona's improvement continues and the Orthopaedics consultant said that as far as her ankle and heel are concerned she could go home immediately so he was handing her case over to the Medical consultant to determine when the chest infection and blood oxygen problems had been resolved. They took her off the oxygen in the morning and she was to have blood tests later in the evening to see how she was coping without it. She is still on the intravenous antibiotics. They have decided to recall her to a Chest Clinic as an outpatient after she is home just to keep tabs on any problems.
Cards are still arriving from all over the globe and she is so touched by your kindness in leaving comments and good wishes. Your prayers are valued.
Thank you so much again,


  1. Oh yay, that's fabulous news!! So glad to hear everything is progressing well towards Fiona going home soon! Wow - Fiona must have a really impressive number of cards by now!!
    Hugs, Danielle

  2. Oh WOW that is fantastic news,I am sure she will be so relieved to get home!!!
    Hugs xx

  3. Morning William
    oh what great news to come down to, so pleased to hear that, i bet Fiona is eager to get home, hope it's not long now, hugs from me, sue,x

  4. Thats really good news!!! Not long until Fiona is back home!!!
    Angela x

  5. Oh that is fantastic news - just what we have been waiting to hear . lets hope the o2 levels are ok and then they might just consider home. Everything crossed..
    Lisa ;)

  6. Great news! Hopefully she can escape soon! Take care of yourself too William!

    Sal x

  7. I'll bet she can't wait to get to her own bed! Those crafty fingers are probably itching something awful. Great news indeed! Here's hoping for positive test results. . .
    Teri x

  8. Thats fantastic! I am so pleased that Fiona will get to be home soon! Hugs Juls

  9. All good news, thats brilliant to hear, She'll be far more comfortable in her own home.
    Take care William
    Tracy x

  10. Fantastic news.
    love Linbyx

  11. That's wonderful news William, I'm so glad Fiona is feeling a lot better.
    xx Vee

  12. Great news William. Looks like Fiona will soon be well enough to get home. Bet she'll be happy to get and you'll be happy to have her home so you can spoil her!

    Kat xx


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