Thursday, 13 May 2010

I'm Back with Candy

Hi Girls. I'm home at long last and so glad to be back in blogland again. I really missed my daily visits to your blogs and I have a lot of catching up to do but I think I'm going to need a couple of days to get back into things again. 4 weeks in bed has taken its toll and I will have to build up my energy levels. I am so thankful that so many of you kept popping in here while I was in hospital for William's updates and for your good wishes for me. I am humbled to think that so many people were concerned. I didn't think that he would post every day (I think secretly he enjoyed it) and I hope that he didn't overdo it.
Anyway, my heel has improved beyond belief and I am on oxygen at home until they get to the bottom of the blood oxygen problem so hopefully it's all improvement from now on.

Thank you Candy

Although it will never adequately tell how much I appreciate all your comments and prayers I have decided to put together some Candy to say "Thank You". I intend to hold a draw to determine who should win it. Every comment left during the time that William was posting (16th April to 12th May inclusive) will have 1 entry to the draw and every card I have received will earn 2 entries to the draw. That means that there will be almost 500 entries in total (I think I'll give him the job of typing them all out. Lol). I received comments and cards from all over the world and I will post the candy to anywhere. I'll announce the winner later in the week.

Thank you for calling in to my blog so regularly and I hope to be back to cardmaking and blogging very shortly.

Big, big Loving Hugs,


  1. Oh Fiona, so glad to have you back!!! Make sure you rest up so you get a chance to get your energy levels back .... I'm sure you can't wait to get back into your craft room and start creating again! William was so kind and sweet with all his blog updates of you and I'm so thankful to him for that - you have a great husband!! :)
    And how very nice of you to share some candy - you have such a great bunch of followers who care for you deeply! Take care of yourself and looking forward to seeing your cards again when you're feeling stronger! It must be so good to be home and back in your own bed again!
    Hugs, Danielle xo

  2. I am so glad to see you back!!!! now I can do a "happy dance" for da da la la LA!...well, maybe thats more of a conga beat LOL
    missed you so much but so thankful your heel is finally so much better and that you have your needed oxygen. You are so blessed with a wonderful DH! He was a real peach keeping us updated - you'll be very proud when you read back through your blog!!!
    enjoy being back home and take it slow!!! hope you get to visit your LSS when you go to Perth
    welcome back GF - you were so truly missed!!!!
    hugs hugs hugs

  3. WOOHOO you are back with us again,though I must say we will miss William's updates and I am so glad we were able to keep his mind off things.....Fiona you have a wonderful husband!!! I am so looking forward to seeing you create again,but please look after yourself first.That is so very generous of you to put up some candy,but the main thing is you are ok and getting better.Take care.
    Hugs Cheryl xx

  4. Ah Fiona! You are back! We missed you so! I am so happy to hear you're doing better. Thank you for the candy, but the important thing is that you take it slow and recover fully. I will continue to pray for you. Your husband was wonderful and maybe he should post from time to time! :) Hugs to you Fiona and your husband too!

  5. Hi Fiona,
    I'm soo pleased your home and back with us in blogland...You have such a giving heart,thinking of all of us with a candy and you only just coming out of hospital....Make sure to take things slowly and get plenty of rest...Your DH has been so good at keeping everyone posted on how you were...Make sure he pop's a post on your blog from time to time to say hello to us all..Take care..and best wishes to you both...
    Mandy xx

  6. So good to see you back Fiona and to hear that your heel has healed. Just have to get to the bottom of the oxygen problems and hopefully all will be well. Look forward to seeing your cards again so rest up well. Thanks to William for all the updates.
    Lin x

  7. Awwwww, Sweetie, no need to give candy! (Not that we don't love it. LOL) We are just so very happy to have you back! xxD

  8. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tis me Fiona
    it's lovely to have you back hun, i so missed your posts and your visit, so pleased you are home. Oh hun your friends were concerned and missed you, no need for a thank you candy hun,silly billy.
    You take it slowy, i want to see how many images you coloured & how many flowers you made!!lol.Aww i think William enjoyed blogging hun you will have to set him up one!lol
    Lovely to see you back, take care, hugs, sue,x

    Morning William, miss you.x

  9. So glad your back,
    Please don't overdo it,
    Thank William for keeping us up to date,
    We all love you,

  10. So glad to have you back in blogland, I have missed you. William did a great job keeping us all updated.

  11. Oh Fiona, so glad to see your back. I have missed you and your amazing creations. William held the fort for you, he is an amazing gentleman. Keep getting better. huge hugs xo Jackie

  12. Hi Fiona

    Glad your out and getting rested at home is a lot better than being stuck in hospital where you can't craft lol

    You take care of yourself and don't over do it lass

    Sal xx

  13. Weyhey! Hiya hun!
    I bet you are so chuffed to be back home in your own bed with you own creature comforts. It's so nice to have you back, although we were getting used to 'himself' and his updates - LOL
    Don't you go rushing into anything mind, take your time and be fully rested. I might let you do a bit of colouring now and then (tee-hee), but don't you go over-doing things!
    Did you need another car to bring home all those cards?? There must have been quite a few judging by the piccie that William posted a while back. . .
    Hope you get back into the swing of things real soon hun, but like I said, take your time and look after yourself!
    BIG squishy hugs and mushy stuff!!
    Teri xx

  14. WELCOME HOME, WELCOME HOME, I'm singing it right now, remember that song from Peters and Lee lol. So glad to have you back again Fiona, but take it easy now, William will have to limit your blogging or you will get carried away. Big hugs and prayers for a continued recovery.

  15. whoop whoop.... so glad to hear that you are back home... and that your heel has improved so much... hope that they sort the oxygen levels out for you quickly hun... really glad to have you back.. put your feet up and take things easy.. big hugs Rachxx

  16. Hurrah you're home now take care of yourself, we don't what you going backwards. I didn't realised that it was four weeks. William did a fabulous job keepin us informed.

  17. I am so , so glad you are back home, we have missed ya!
    You just rest and take it easy, build up your strengh. Glad you are on the mend xx

  18. good morning to you dear friend its so lovely to hear your voice!!! and you sound so happy to be home. great news on your foot and now just the oxygen levels to suss out then you shall be right as rain I'm sure. William was a gem keeping us informed he shall be missed I'm sure. Righty missus thankyou sooooo much for the candy you're lovely but please rest and be gentle on yourself in the coming days. Good to have you back hun!!!!

  19. So pleased you are home Fiona, you have been missed. Make sure you get plenty of R&R now and thank William for keeping us so well updated on your progress, we will misss him, he needs to join blogland!

    Take care

  20. There you are my friend, so good to have you back. I bet you are thrilled to be home again. It`s good to know that your foot is healing up. Let`s hope they`ll solve the other problem soon as well. Your husband did a great job keeping us up to date every day, I was really impressed by him. He deserves a BIG thank you ;) Please tell him that. :)

    And thank you for the chance to win your candy. Be sure to rest enough and soon your energy will be right back on top again:) Hugs Therese

  21. Good to see you posting again Fiona. William has been really good at updating us about how you've been. Maybe he'll pop onto your blog now and again to say hello lol.

    You're so kind to want to share candy. I'm sure we were all just concerned about a fellow blogger and not looking for anything in return.

    I hope you can rest now and build up your strength. Take care and try not to do too much and we'll look forward to seeing your next card when you feel up to crafting.

    Kat x

  22. Hi Auntie Fiona Welcome back I have really missed you but delighted that my aunt & uncle are turning into celebrities in card making blogland. Looking forward to seeing your creations when you are feeling up to it. Have been using the templates on the crafty sentiments website what a great idea they are for beginners like me. take care I know you will be getting well looked after make sure u william gets some choccie biscs for all his hard workLOL much love to you both Carol xxx

  23. Woo hoo You are back Fiona! So glad to see you back on line with us, it was wonderful that Williams found the time to update us with your progress it must have been a worrying time. Hope the plastics can sort everything else out for you soon, hugs Rebekah x

  24. Such great news to hear you are home Fiona.William did a sterling job while you were in hospital althought I had my doubts he had done away with you so he could become a blogger.
    Glad to hear the infection has healed and please take it easy. You need to preserve all you energy to get the oxygen to normal.
    This is so generous of you xxx Looking forward to some more posts soon, All my love and hugs Pascale

  25. Hi Fiona ,
    well the best prize of all is having you home!

    You have been missed !

    Lisa ;)

  26. Hi Fiona,
    I was initially just a random visitor to your blog because I loved your homemade flowers but your situation and Williams caring attitude were so compelling I have become a regular ,
    Am so pleased you are home and hope that you improve in leeps and bounds

  27. Welcome home Fiona It's great to have you back with us again. I'm so glad you're feeling better. Your lovely Hubby did a great job keeping everyone updated on your progress, he's a natural blogger!!! It's so sweet of you to offer candy too, but please take it easy for a while and get your strength back.
    Take care, Hugs
    xx Vee

  28. Hi Fiona

    It is fantastic to see that you are now back home. We have all missed you very much and look forward to seeing your wonderful creations again. Make sure you get lots of R & R and build your strength up again first though. William did a fantastic job of holding the fort and giving us all updates on your progress, thank you William. We will miss him but perhaps he can pop on your blog now and then and say hello. There is no need for a candy we are all just very pleased to see you back. Lots of hugs, Christine x

  29. Oh Fiona it is so lovely to have you back, not that William wasn't a treat but he just couldn't create like you lol. You really must take things easy and build up slowly especially for you the sake of your back if not your own steam.
    Kepp well and thank William for all his lovely posts.
    Kim xXx

  30. Oh Fiona I am so pleased that you are back. But please be realistic a couple of days to get back to everything - don't overdo it will you. Now William has been a very good blogger whilst you were away but for some reason he never posted any flowers he had made LOL! Great to have you back hugs to you both
    Linby x

  31. Hi Fiona,
    Do you know how good it is to see you blogging again my friend, just remember to take it easy. William was your knight in shining armour, he did you proud, you taught him well. I really hope they get your oxygen problem sorted out. Just so glad your back in your own home and you'll feel better for that.
    Speak soon Fiona
    Lots of hugs
    Tracy x

  32. Oh Fiona, so glad to see you back!! I am so glad you are home!! I have missed you tremendously!! William was so good about keeping us posted on how you were doing. Your husband is a real gem!! I hope the oxygen levels are taken care of soon and that life is soon back to normal. Take care my friend.
    big hugs,

  33. Hi Fiona I've not been around much this week but it was so brilliant to read that you are back home sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Hugs Carol Ann xx

  34. Hi Fiona. It's so wonderful to hear you are home ((hugs)). I hope you slept as well as possible in your own little bed last night..nothing quite like it! Still sending you all my love & prayers. I am so happy to read your post. William has been the best. I've read his posts sat on the edge of my seat! & shared your ups & downs my lovely. You take great care & blog in your own time. We love you whether you blog or not..XXX

  35. WooHoo, at home at last! This has been a tough week for me blog wise but I'm so happy to hear your'e home and back with us. We've missed you terribly! xxD


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