Thursday, 6 May 2010

Continuing Progress

Good morning ladies. Still stuck with me I'm afraid but the good news is that Fiona is still improving a little day on day. Still on intravenous antibiotics and oxygen but feeling better. The "Home" word has not yet been mentioned so it's looking unlikely that she get out before the weekend. Your continued encouraging comments and cards and prayers are proving such a comfort to her and we both appreciate your support.
Thank you all again,


  1. I guess slow and steady wins the race. this is definitely the case for poor Fiona. I just hope that things start to speed up for you both. Please give her my love william. hugs xo Jackie

  2. Slowly but surely .... home will be on the cards soon I'm sure! Keep getting your strength up Fiona and continue to enjoy the nursing comforts you're getting!
    Continued hugs & prayers for you both!
    Hugs, Danielle

  3. Hi William
    I am sure it wont be long now.
    Thinking of you both xwendy

  4. Morning William
    getting use to seeing you here in the morning, you will deff have to get your own blog! lol, glad Fiona is still improving, give her huf from me, sue,xx

  5. It's great that there is still improvement - boy, she must have been really poorly! Let's hope they talk about the 'H' word soon.
    Teri x

  6. hello william and Fiona thankyou for the continuing updates would love you wiliam for you to start a blog never know touch a few crafty bits and you may become hooked!!!! Glad to hear we are still getting postiive feedback on Fiona and she is gaining strength day by day. Take care both of you Emma x

  7. At least things are on the up and fiona is improving each day. I hope it won't be long now.
    Take care
    Tracy x

  8. Sounds like a return home is seeming more like a reality each day. We're all pulling for her...and YOU, dear William! Thank you again for keeping up informed. xxD

  9. sounding more promising each day - hoping she will be back soon.


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