Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Little progress

Good morning ladies. I'm glad to report that Fiona was a bit better again. Apparantly, after the Xray and more test what she has at the minute is not pneumonia as it was first thought but a very particular type of chest infection the name of which I would not even attempt to spell out. It apparantly responds to a very specific antibiotic and although Perth didn't have any in their pharmacy they sent a taxi to Ninewells in Dundee for a supply and she is getting it intravenously. It is a ten day course but they hope if she responds well they will be able to send her home an a few days to finish the course with oral antibiotics.
The cards continue to arrive and she now has a handsome collection of handmade cards from all over the world which are the object of much admiration from the nurses. You have all been so kind and your good wishes and prayers have been such an encouragement to us both. Thank you so much.


  1. Oh that's great news ... at least they know what they are dealing with and can target it with the right anti biotics. Hope fully they will kick in in the next couple of days - fingers crossed.
    Best wishes to both of you, and so happy things are a lot more positive
    Lisa ;)

  2. I am pleased to hear they've pinpointed her chest infection and can now treat it more specifically. Prayers are definitely being answered for you and hopefully Fiona will continue to get stronger and be home shortly! Her show of cards sounds quite spectacular!
    With continuing prayers & good wishes to you both.
    Hugs, Danielle x

  3. i have my fingers crossed that she really does get home soon...and sorry but could u resend me ur address...i am a clutz and i deleted it...please apologise to Fiona for me...hugs Lesley xx

  4. More good news William. Really great that even though they didn't have the antibiotics they needed at Perth they could get some from Ninewells. Hopefully this'll help Fiona to shake off what must be a nasty chest infection. It's nice to hear that Fiona has so many bloggy friends. I'll need to get your address too.

    Kat x

  5. thank goodness, they now know what they are up against and can give the exact treatment needed. Gosh William, I hope she comes home soon for you both. Do you have to travel far to the hospital? If you find the time, could you please email me your home address as I would love to send a card to Fiona. ( Please give my love to Fiona and remember to take care of yourself too. xo Hugs Jackie

  6. So glad things seem to be getting more positive x

  7. Hi William
    lets hope now she has the right medicine she will improve quickly, look forward to seeing a piccie of all Fiona's lovely cards, hugs, sue.x

  8. Finally they have it sussed! I am sure you are both relieved. Will await the next report with bated breath and hopefully it will be really good news. Hugs

  9. Are we seeing a light at the end of this tunnel? Thank goodness someone figured out which infection they were dealing with. Took their time with that didn't they?
    Everything crossed they can nail this one and send her home sooner rather than later.
    Love and hugs,
    Teri x

  10. That is good news! hope the antibiotics do the job and fiona can be home soon....she is very missed in blogland! Please pass on my get erll wishes, Hugs Juls

  11. It's really great to hear that things are getting sorted now and it won't be long before Fiona's home now William, you've been a star with your updates and the way you support Fiona.
    Take care
    Tracy x

  12. Ahh, finally! A breakthrough that will hopefully lead to dear Fiona's return home! Bet you had no idea you were signing up for so many days of blogging. Thank you so much, William, for keeping us updated. You're a dear! xxD

  13. So sorry to hear that Fiona is still in hospital, I really hope she's home soon, it's been so long now.

  14. William it was great to read that they are finally getting on top of the chest infection and that the infection is clearing up well on Fiona's foot and heal. Sounds like everything may be turning a corner and with luck on your side Fiona may be home very soon.

    Thinking of you Fiona and hope to see you back on your blog very soon.
    Hugs Carol Ann xx

  15. Hi William

    Thankyou again for another update and please pass my wishes onto Fiona, I am so pleased they have found the problem and able to treat it.


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