Sunday, 9 May 2010

Not long now, Hopefully

Good morning ladies. Fiona continues to be well and should complete the antibiotics treatment later today. Hopefully that will be the trigger for her getting home. Here heel and ankle have healed amazingly well. The improvement in the three and a half weeks she has been in hospital is unbelieveable. After nearly two years trying to get the sore on her heel to clear up for it to have improved like this is astonishing. Obviously he effect of your good wishes, love and prayers.
You are all marvellous.


  1. Fantastic news about Fiona's heel William. :) Praying Fiona will continue to improve once off the antibiotics. Keeping fingers & toes & everything else crossed for a speedy home coming. Take care William & Fiona.xx

  2. Wonderful wonderful news William....I bet she is feeling quite anxious to be home too.Hope the hoovering, washing and dusting went well.Looking forward to hearing that you are home Fiona.
    xo Melissa

  3. Fantastic news william. Please send on my very best wishes to Fiona. hugs xo Jackie

  4. Here's to seeing that light at the end of the tunnel! Hope things get back to some sort of normality for you guys real soon.
    Teri x

  5. Morning William
    great news, sounds like her sore is very much like one of my ressies had, took forever to heal up,it had a big name i can't remember what? For a while now she has been putting Bio Oil on it, you can hardly see the scar now!
    Hope Fiona is home soon, hugs from me, sue,x

  6. Oh William this is wonderful news. It will be great to have her back with us, not that I am trying to get rid of you lol but you just don't produce the beautiful creations like Fiona does!!
    My best wishes to you both.
    Kim xXx

  7. Fantastic news William. Fiona will be so pleased to get home after such a spell in hospital. Fingers crossed she'll be home this week.

    Kat x


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