Friday, 14 May 2010

A Day of Rest

Hi Girls. I have had a complete rest on my first full day home. Loving the pampering I'm getting Lol. I haven't done any blogging today, for which I apologise but I wanted to recharge the batteries a bit before my trip back into Perth to the Plastics Clinic later today (Friday). I hope that when they see my heel and ankle they will discharge me because they have heeled remarkably well. William changed the dressing yesterday and couldn't believe the difference. He took a photograph on the day I was sent into hospital and the progress is incredible.
Once again I have been bowled over with your comments welcoming me back home. I never expected anything like this. You are all so caring. I am glowing with the warmth of your comments and emails. Thank you so much.

William has typed out the 536 entries for my candy draw and cut them and folded them for me. A lot of work but I think he enjoyed it. I will do the draw after I've been to hospital and announce the winner tomorrow. I haven't finished putting the candy together so I don't have a photograph of it I'm afraid.

Special Hugs to you all,


  1. So glad you're back and on the road to recovery! You've been missed terribly! Lots of Love, Rowena

  2. Glad you had a days rest Fiona and getting lots of tlc and pampering!! Good luck at the clinic today and I hope you get the good news you're hoping for! Looking forward to your postings - you & your gorgeous cards have been sorely missed!
    Hugs, Danielle

  3. Wow 536 messages, how wonderful. Just goes to show how much you are loved. hugs xo Jackie

  4. Hey hey hey very lovely to read you are home at long last.xxoo..Wiiliam's posts every day was very sweet and so thoughtful.He is a very special man to do that for you.I don't think mine would do that..well he didn't last year, when i was in hospital.
    For you to have received so many messages and cards, obviously shows just how special you are and how much people think of you.It must make you feel all warm and wonderful inside.
    Hope all went well at the Hospital today.
    Continuing to send you more get well wishes on your recovery.
    XO Mel

  5. hi Fiona
    glad you had a good rest day, no go running b4 you can walk as they say. I bet William enjoyed doing all them name, lol, think on the quiet he looked forward to his morning blog post! lol. Hope they discharge you, have good day hun.
    Morning William. sue,x

  6. Hi Fiona,
    Good to hear you resting,
    I got my finger crossed for later so they discharge you,
    Have a super day,

  7. Hiya hun.
    Glad you had a good restful day yesterday. So much better to have your own bed. I hate trying to sleep in a hospital - just too much noise for me!
    Hope things go well at the clinic for you hun. . .
    Have a great day.
    Teri x

  8. so pleased to hear you're home and doing well Fiona

  9. Hi Fiona
    Hope the appointment goes well. will be thinking about you and have everything crossed they will be pleased with your progress and can discharge you.
    Take care
    Lisa ;)

  10. Hi Fiona glad you got some rest, hope they see the massive improvement in your hell and give you the news you need! You sound upbeat and well, it's good to see! Hugs Rebekah x

  11. Welcome home Fiona. It's wonderful to have you back, I have missed you.
    Hope that everything went well at the hospital.
    Take care,
    hugs Anna

  12. Yay i am so glad that u are back and well on the mend!! William has been fantastic keeping us updated..Derek wouldnt have a hope that u get back to crafting soon...although health always comes first!! sending u huge hugs Lesley xxxx

  13. There's certainly no place like home!!! It's good to hear you are taking time to rest and recover, fingers crossed you will get discharged later today,
    Angela x

  14. Hi Fiona
    Good luck at the hospital today, and I hope they discharge you. Bet Williams fingers were aching after typing all those out Lol!
    Rest well and take care,
    Hugs to you and William.
    Tracy x

  15. It's lovely to hear from you and I hope you get the discharge you hope for at the hospital today.
    Kim xXx

  16. Hi Fiona,
    It was lovely to see you back blogging...I hope you get on well at the clinic today,will be thinking of you...
    Mandy xx

  17. Hope your appointment went well - it's lovely that you are back (did I tell you that!). 536 comments - wow
    hugs Linby x

  18. Lovely to hear you've rested today.xx Hope it's good news from the hospital. Fingers crossed. Hope you have a lovely weekend Fiona & William.xx

  19. William has been such a dear through all of this and I'm sure he's just thrilled to have you home. I feel bad I never got your address to send you a card. I never expected all of this to be so long. So glad things are so much much better and you'ee home at last. xxD


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