Tuesday, 4 May 2010

More like herself

Good morning ladies. Just in case some of you thought that I had done away with Fiona so that I could keep her blog I thought that now she is more like herself it was maybe time for a photograph to show that I'm not making everything up. So here she is with her impressive display of handmade cards.
She is still progressing and on oxygen (you can see the tube under her nose) and intravenous antibiotics twice a day. They want to continue with that for a couple of days before trying tablets. She is looking so much better and beginning to talk about home.
She sends her regards to you all.


  1. How great to be able to see you Fiona, missing you in blogland we really need you back when you are good and ready - take care.
    Linby x

  2. Thank you for the photo of Fiona. Please give her a big gentle hug for me. xo Jackie

  3. Thanks for sharing this picture of Fiona with us William! Nice to see some colour in her cheeks and what a wonderful view she has looking at all those gorgeous handmade cards! Continued thoughts & prayers going your way - hugs to you Fiona ...
    Danielle xo

  4. How happy to see Fiona at last! wow what a collection of cards to keep her company. You're looking fab, Sweetie! xxD

  5. oh thank you William!!!
    HI Fiona...waving to you over here!!! blowing you kisses...so glad to see you!!! I think you look wonderful!!! and look at all that "love" on that stand beside you!!!
    won't be long now - when a lady lets her pic be taken..you know she's feelin better LOL
    hugs hugs hugs

  6. Mornin William/Fiona
    lovely to see you hun, wow what a gorgeous selection of cards you have they, so pleased to hear you are feeling a little more like yourself. Fiona, i think you will have to set William a blog up now?? lol. Take care hun, hugs sue.xx

    Thanks for the update William.xx

  7. So pleased your on the mend. Wishing you well and hope your home soon. Your cards are lovely, would have like to send you one but dont have your address. Take Care Hugs Julie x

  8. William you have done amazing at keeping us up with her illness. She is always a great supporter of many many blogs with nothing but positive comments for us all. I'm glad that has come back to her in many ways, support and cards. I'm happy to see that she looks well. Please pass on my prayers for a much speedier recovery. My gosh, my husband couldn't ever master my blog, you are fantastic!!!!!
    Hugs xx

  9. Glad things are still looking positive. WOW, what a load of cards - you'll need another table for them all soon! LOL
    BIG hugs hun!
    Teri xx

  10. Thankyou for the photo William,I am so happy she is feeling much better and up to sharing a photo....waving from Australia Fiona!!! I hope that she will be home soon,you may miss blogging then William....lol...
    Hugs xx

  11. Hello to you both - lovely to see you there Fiona. Lets hope now that you will go from strength to strength - onwards and upwards as they say.
    All the cards look wonderful.
    Thank you once again William. You should have got on the photo too as i am sure all us ladies would love to see you too!]Take care both of you
    Lisa ;)

  12. hiya hunnie and hello to you too William, fiona you are looking fab hun and I'm sure looking at all those beauties of cards that perks you up too.
    keep up your wonderful strength hun we all love you xx

  13. Wow Fiona, what gorgeous cards, and you look like your recovering really well, nice to see you love, William you will have to set up your own blog now.....your doing so well with the photo and keeping us all up to date with Fiona's progress, thank you William.
    Take care
    Tracy x

  14. Waving to Fiona, have all my fingers crossed that you will be home soon.

  15. I'm so pleased Fiona is continuing to improve and I'm sure she can't wait to get home after all that time in a hospital bed! Please send her my warm wishes.

  16. HI Fiona lovely to see you looking so well. Take care honey. We are all missing you so much.xx You cards all look so beautiful. I definately think William needs his own blog. Did he ever do the camera course last Sept? He could start us a daily photography challenge blog? Sorry William for talking like you're not here! Take care yourself with all your chores. Hugs to you both. Gez.xx

  17. Good to hear more positive news about Fiona. And to see her too. She must be feeling better if she let you take a photo. The rest of the patients and the staff must be amazed at the number of gorgeous cards she's got. Mine will be in the post today!

    Kat x

  18. Thanks William for the updates and the photo... I had been beginning to wonder if you had done away with our lovely Fiona... in all seriousness I am delighted that she is feeling better send my love hugs Pascale

  19. I'm so pleased that Fiona is feeling better..Can't wait to see her back in blogand...sending best wishes to you both...
    Mandy xx

  20. That is some impressive haul of handmade cards adopted mummy, I can't wait to see them IRL when we come up to see you in a few weeks.......and I will have your Canadian SU goodies from my lovely friend, she is dropping them off tonight.....woo hoo. Hurry up and get better now, I miss your creations.

    Big hugs


  21. Hi..glad fiona is doing a little better!! wow all those cards look amazing!! Hugs Juls

  22. Hi Fiona...".big waves" I'm so glad you're feeling better. Your cards are fabulous Hopefully it won't be too long now before you are home again.
    Hugs xx Vee

  23. How wonderful to see a photo of Fiona and to read the news that she is progressing well.
    Hugs to you both.
    Beryl xx


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