Saturday, 8 May 2010

A Small Setback

Good morning ladies. I'm pleased to be able report that Fiona continues to fell better. Unfortunately the blood oxygen levels dropped significantly when they took her of the oxygen so she is back on it. Fiona hs a long history of low blood oxygen readings so I think they will follow that up with her as an outpatient at the Chest Clinic and we expect that she is likely to get home after the antibiotics course is completed. She is due her last dose on Sunday. Fortunately that gives me the weekend to catch up with the hoovering, dusting, washing, ironing, change the bed yet again and finish tidying up the garden. Only joking everything is up to date except the garden.
Thank you for your continued good wishes. You are all so supportive.


  1. William thank you for the update. You are so great to have been keeping the house in order as well as being by Fiona's side, it can't have been easy. Take care of yourself too.

  2. Great to hear Fiona continues to feel better - it's a good thing her oxygen levels are continuing to be monitored. Let's hope her hospital days are now numbered!! And what a good man you are William to have kept the house in such good shape!!
    Hugs, Danielle

  3. Hi William & Fiona. Great news to hear the Orthopaedics are happy with your ankle & heel. Praying for your oxygen levels to stay steady.xx Fingers crossed for your release date Fiona.
    Take care too William.xx

  4. Well you're ahead of me, William! And our garden is never caught up. LOL Keeping hopeful for the good news of Fiona's return home. xxD

  5. Hi william ,
    I am really sorry but I missed all this ! I was away on holiday and didn't realise Fiona has been so poorly ,, have just scrolled back and read all your updates.
    Please give her a gentle hug from me and my best wishes x x
    I will email to ask for your address.


  6. You are such a godsend William! What a trooper! So glad that home is getting closer each day. By the way, my garden looks awful too so don't worry about it! LOL
    Teri xx

  7. Almost there!! I hope Fiona is allowed home soon and her levels remain stable. I don't think Fiona will mind how the garden looks right now, everything is just starting to come back to life.
    Angela x

  8. I'm sure the garden will be the last thing on Fiona's mind, you've been so busy holding everything else together.
    Fiona has a real Knight in shining armour I think.
    Take care and hugs to Fiona.
    Tracy x

  9. Hello - well fingers crossed they let fiona home with follow ups. IT will be lovely for her to be home again and i know she will be well looked after by you William - you sound to be a whizz around the home !! I bet the garden will still be looking lovely.
    Lisa ;)

  10. Hi William,
    I am so glad Fiona is feeling more like her own self again and that you can both see the home coming getting nearer. Sending my thoughts to Fiona and I am sure you will need to be all up to date with your chores as when Fiona does finally come home she will expect waiter service after all she has become accustom now!!
    Kim xXx

  11. Morning William
    pleased to hear Fiona is still feeling better, hoping she will be home very soon, i don't think Fiona will mind what the garden looks like so long as she is home.
    Hugs from me, thanks for keeping us informed William, sue,x

  12. Keeping mu fingers crossed you are going to get home this week fiona.

    Lots of love Carol Annxxx

    Thank you for keeping us all up to date William x

  13. Hi Fiona (and William), I'm sorry I haven't left a comment before now but my dad has been in hospital too for the past week and after visiting the evening is just gone - I'm sure you know what I mean William! I am so glad to read that Fiona is almost ready to come home - I'm sure you have been missing her. You have done a sterling job with the updates, my husband wouldn't know where to start. Hope to "see" you back in blogland very soon. Hugs, Denise x


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