Monday, 3 May 2010

A Little More Progress

Good morning ladies. I'm beginning to believe that my days on Fiona's blog are numbered. She was a bit better again when I saw her on Sunday afternoon and the antibiotics seem to be kicking in. I would think that if this improvement is maintained they will try her on oral antibiotics and let her home if that is a success. The course is a ten day course but I think she will be home before then if they get her to improve on the oral doses, but we'll have to see if they go down that road.
Fiona wants me to thank you all for your continued prayers and well wishes and she loves reading your comments, emails and cards when I take them in. You have all been so kind and supportive.


  1. oh that is wonderful news. i was just going to bed and then i remembered there would be an update. I am so glad the new antiobiotocs are beginning to have effect so quickly, and fingers crossed the oral dose will work just as well.
    Thank you for your update William - i wish you were in charge if you know what i mean ;) then i would get all my information as reliably !
    Love to you both
    Lisa ;)

  2. Great news William. It's really encouraging that Fiona keeps making progress.

    Kat x

  3. Oh William, that's fantastic news. Just tell Fiona to keep on going, the end is in sight. I'm so sorry to ask, but could you please send me your address again. Silly me emptied my email folder this morning and your address went with it. :( Please give my love to Fiona. xo hugs Jackie

  4. Thats really good news, it sounds like Fiona will be home soon!!!
    Angela x

  5. So glad things are looking up for you both. Shame you can't claim the petrol costs back with all that travelling. Let's hope those orals have the same positive effect and you can bring her home soon.
    Teri xx

  6. Truly wonderful news William. I've just read how pleased you both were with Fiona's heel. Fingers crossed for these Ab's to do their stuff. I am continuing to keep you both in my thoughts & prayers. Please send Fiona a BIG ((hug)) from me today. Blogland just doesn't feel right at the moment without Fiona. :)
    Take care. Gez.xx

  7. Hiya, what fantastic news, i am so so glad that there has been such wonderful improvements.. hope that the antibiotics do their job and that Fiona is back home well soon.xxxx

  8. O wow, that is such good news,
    But you will have to start your own blog William,
    Special hugs to you both,

  9. Great news William lets hope the oral antibiotics work just as well.

    Carol Ann xx

  10. Yayay what terrific news for Fiona ,William!!! I would imagine that you will be looking forward to having her back home, just as much as she wants to there.Sending loads of get well wishes, and hoping that she is home safe and much healthier real soon.xxoo Mel

  11. Well gosh William, you should start a blog of your own, we've all gotten to know you so well. LOL Thanks so much for filling us in on our dear Fiona. Bet you're ready to retire. Can't WAIT 'til Fiona returns! xxD

  12. Great new William, fingers crossed all goes well with the tablets and Fiona is home real soon.
    I bet she's missing her blog and cards so much.

  13. Yipeeeeeee.........great news for you and Fiona. Fingers crossed that the oral antibiotics work.
    Fiona missing you love!!!!
    Take care William
    Tracy x

  14. ok - new prayer...please let antibiotics work and thank you Lord for showing drs there was a "different" problem...
    hugs to you both
    Fiona I really miss you :( will be so glad to see you on here again!
    sending hugs across the ocean

  15. This is fantastic news William. Will you perhaps come back as a guest blogger in the future? Please give my love to Fiona.
    Lynn x


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