Friday, 30 April 2010

Great News

Good morning ladies. It's all good news today. Fiona is feeling a bit better and the doctors have decided that she is probably at a stage that would allow them to send her home before too long. They want to see what the Plastics people say when they see her later today (Friday). If they decide to go ahead straight away with surgery to patch up the sores she will be transferred to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee. That is what we both hope for. If that is not possible she will get home on Saturday probably.
Thank you for your continued support, good wishes and prayers.


  1. great news William you are sounding so much more positive and thats great. So hope you get the final decesion today and that she either gets home or has the surgery asap and then after recovery home. So hope you keep hearing the word HOME!!!!! xx

  2. Thats good to hear, I hope fiona is back home soon!!! I know having surgey now is the best option, as Fiona will be anxious waiting around, I will keep everything crossed that you will get the decision you are waiting for later today!!! Best wishes,
    Angela x

  3. Oh what wonderful news William! Let's hope the improvement continues and that the best decision gets made for Fiona as soon as possible! My thoughts & prayers continue for you both!
    Hugs, Danielle x

  4. Morning William
    yeaaaaaaaaa what great news, oh i will keep everything crossed Fiona gets home, thanks for update, sue,x

  5. Morning William,
    Thats fantastic,
    We all love her, and wish her the best,
    It won't be long before she is home,

  6. Good news indeed! Let's hope for positive feedback from the plastics people and a swift return home for both of you VERY soon.
    Teri xx

  7. Excellent news! fingers and toes crossed that the plastics give the go ahead.

  8. I hope you get the decision you want and that this will all be over for Fiona very soon.
    Thinking of you both
    Take care William
    Tracy x

  9. good good news! can hear the hopefulness in your voice! know Fiona is so anxious to be able to come home! hugs to you both - your updates are so sincerely appreciated!!!
    keeping you both in prayer

  10. oh thats brilliant news send her my love and hugs. Will be great to have her back

  11. Oh that is good news. I am praying the plastics team will do the surgery staright away . I hope you are both ok and feeling like there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    Everthing crossed
    Lisa ;)

  12. William that is fabulous news, hopefully by the time you see this message you will know either way. I kind if hope they go straight for the move and then repair rather than home and wait around again. At least once all is sorted Fiona can come home and have some well pampered convalescene.
    Take care.
    Kim xXx

  13. Good news - I'll keep my fingers crossed.
    Beryl xx

  14. Well I'm sorry to have been missing a few days and although this sounds encouraging, I'm afraid I read the post above first. counting the days 'til she's home! xxD


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