Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Birthday Wish

Hi girls, great to have you visiting here. Starved of crafting for the last week the visits to my regular blogs are the only thing keeping me going. I am still struggling and the heel and leg are not any better. I was at the surgery today to have it dressed and the doctor has put an ink mark round the area of inflammation and given me another antibiotic to be taken in addition to the one I'm on. I am to go back tomorrow and if the inflammation has spread I think that Perth Royal Infirmary will be my next stop. We'll see.

I am posting yet another Stampaholics card. What would I have done without Siobhan and her classes and inspiration. Again the design is her's although I made the card. I hope you like it.

It would be really appreciated if you left a comment. I love reading them and they have been a great comfort to me this last week or so. I appreciate it takes time but they really are valued.

Stay safe and healthy.



  1. What a lovely, bright, cheery card! Love the colours you have used.

    Thanks for your lovely comments recently, I really appreciate them.

    I bet you rattle when you move with all those antibiotics inside you!!! Keep your chin up, I'm thinking of you.

    Hugs Christine x

  2. Another beauty Fiona! My dear I'm getting awfully worried about you! Hope these new pills do the trick! xxD

  3. I hope the meds work out for you. I will keep you in my prayers.

  4. I have everything crossed for you Fiona that the new antibiotic works . It must be so painful and frustrating too.
    Your card today is so cheerful .. the colours are gorgeous and i love the butterflies.
    Its lovely to read your comments every day. Try and stay positive
    Lisa ;)

  5. hope that things improve for you honey, and that the new antibiotics kick in...
    Your card is stunning, so beautiful... love the colours.. xx

  6. Your card is beautiful, definately makes you think of hot simmer days ahead!!
    Hope your new antibiotic helps!!! ((((o))))
    Angela x

  7. Oh hun - that's miserable for you. Our bodies have a nasty habit of letting us down sometimes don't they?!
    Really hoping the new pills do some good for you, everything crossed!!
    Fabulous card by the way, love the summery colours.
    Teri xx

  8. Gorgeous card, love those strong sunshine colours, just beautiful. Sorry to hear you have so much trouble with the leg. Hope the extra tabs help to clear it up and avoid the hospital. Hugs

  9. Don't know what it is but these cards this week have been a bit different to your usual style which I love, but these are so fantastic too. You do both styles really well Fiona.
    I really do hope the extra antibiotics work so you can avoid a hospital trip love.
    Thinking of you
    Tracy x

  10. Oh hun so sorry that you are still not healing up so hope that you don't end up in hossie with this what would we do without you lol!! Lovely card and the colours are beautiful take care and rest up x

  11. Fingers crossed this antibiotic works and your poor leg and heel starts getting better.

  12. Ooooh Fiona, what a beautiful, bright card and i hope it lifts your spirits and things improve for you soon..... take care and stay positive hun ;o)
    Hugs Tara xx

  13. Beautiful bright card. Love the details.

    Hope you are feeling better soon

    Hugs Jane x

  14. Lovely card Fiona. Hope you get better soon.

  15. Wow! Another stunner Fiona, I adore the colours on this one!
    I really hope your foot is better tomorrow!

  16. Isn't this just the perfect card for a beautiful bright day with those lovely colours, it is gorgeous. I sure wish I had a craft store near me to learn all these wonderful techniques you have learnt.
    I hope these antibiotics help and save you a trip to the hospital, take care now.
    Kim xXx

  17. oh no Fiona Im so sorry to hear its no better but at least your Doctor seems to be treating it seriously and it will hopefully be sorted really this gorgeous bright cheerful card
    Mina xxx


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