Thursday, 22 April 2010

Thank You to Everyone

Good Day ladies. Fiona is feeling much better in herself although the infection is still not cleared up fully. She is still getting the intraveous antibiotics so no mention of getting home as yet. However Fiona wanted me to say how very much she has appreciated all your comments and emails. I have printed them all out and taken them in to her. They have cheered her up no end and the cards she has received are a joy to behold. Your goodwill and prayers have been a source of comfort to us both.
Thank you so much for caring.


  1. Thank you so much William for keeping us all informed when you must have a thousand and one other jobs to do!
    If you are reading ths fiona - i am really missing my Teamie! Its just not the same without you. I am missing those fantastic creations and beautiful flowers that no one makes quite like you.
    Am so glad the antibiotics are doing their job...
    LOve to you both
    Lisa ;)

  2. So good to hear Fiona is feling better, love and best wishes
    Lin x

  3. Thanks for the update William,I am so glad Fiona is getting better.I would love to send Fiona a card if it is ok to email your address to
    Hugs xx

  4. thanx william for the fab updates!!...i received ur email..thanx very i will keep my fingers crossed that she keeps getting better and that she will be home really soon....huge hugs Lesley xxx

  5. Great news and thank you William for your continued updates on here - they are so appreciated! I, too, want to send Fiona a card and would love it if you could send me your address (
    Thanks so much - and Fiona, keep smiling and stay positive - you'll be home before you know it!!
    Big hugs, Danielle xo

  6. Hi William
    thanks for the update, so pleased to hear Fiona is feeling brighter in spirit, sending hugs to you Fiona, sue,xx

  7. Hi William,
    I am so glad to hear that Fiona is feeling better, It won't be long before she can come home, we are all praying for her, and she will be fine, miss her tons, but want her to get better,

  8. I'm so glad she is feeling cheerier. That infection will go eventually, they do take their time, especially those cellulitis ones believe me!
    Tell her we all miss her, but not to rush back until all is well.
    Love and hugs (to you both!)
    Teri xx

  9. The news is getting better each time, so glad Fiona is improving so much, she'll soon be home William, take care
    Love Tracy x

  10. Morning and thankyou once again for your daily updates encouraging to hear that she is fighting this infection all the way and hope the word home is being said to you both really soon. Would love if you could e-mail your address so I could send her a card thankyou xx

  11. Please pass on my good wishes to fiona..she knows i am in and out of hospital at the moment so i do know how she feels
    hugs to fiona

  12. Sending hugs and wishes for a speedy recovery!

  13. MISS YOU SO FIONA!!!! Big hugs! D

  14. Hello William, thank you for continuing to up date us on how Fiona is. Glad to hear she is getting there.

  15. Hope you're back with us very soon Fiona!
    Take care sweetie and biggest get well hugs for you,
    Leann x

  16. Hello Fiona not been around much this week so was very surprised to here you are in hospital sounds like a nasty infection I hope it continues to clear up and you get home very soon.

    Thank you William for all the updates it's good to know Fiona is getting better each day.

    Sending you big hugs Fiona.

    Carol Ann xx


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