Friday, 23 April 2010

A Minor Setback

Good morning ladies. I am sorry to report that Fiona has suffered a bit of a setback. She seems to have picked up a bit of a chest infection. The doctors have said that there is little chance of being home before the beginning of the week but they have extended her treatment on the intravenous antibiotics.
She is still in good spirits. Her room in hospital is beginning to look like a shop for handmade cards. The cards she has received already make a magnificent display and are the subject of much comment. You are obviously a very talented group of ladies.
Thank you so much for your support fro Fiona.


  1. OH i am sorry to hear about the chest infection.. thats such a shame . Thats the trouble with hospitals !
    I will keep my fingers crossed that it clears up soon. I am really busy trying to get projcts finished for the new crafty sentiments release "party" on weds. Its a bit of a rush for me as the stamps only arrived today and i am going away for a couple of days next week.. so trying to get everything finished in good time.
    Mssing our little emails
    Lisa ;)

  2. :( Oh, that's too bad. But, at least she's still in hospital and can get the right treatment for it straight away so hopefully it will be cleared up quickly! I'm so glad to hear of all the wonderful cards coming her way - she certainly deserves them and hope that they spur on her recovery.
    Love & hugs,
    Danielle xo

  3. Hi William
    aww thats a shame, you seem to pick things up in hospital, lets hope it soon clears, more time for colourig images & making those lovely flowers!!
    Pleased to hear the cards are cheering her up, thanks for update, sue.,x

  4. awww, what a shame, hope that her chest infection clears really quickly... sending lots of hugs.. Rach..

  5. Ah poor Fiona, glad she is still keeping her chin up. Fingers crossed that everything will turn soon. Hugs

  6. That's such a pain! Why is it with all the focus on extra cleanliness and hand sterilisation in the hospitals these days you can still catch things when you're in there??
    Hope it clears up real soon, glad she is getting to keep her cards there. Most don't even let you keep your flowers any more!!
    BIG hugs,
    Teri xx

  7. Hi to you both
    Sorry to hear about the chest infection but hopefully being in hospital the extra antibiotics will soon help. It's really lovely that all your followers are so concerned for you. Makes me feel like I have a celebrity auntie. Do miss seeing your beautiful cards but had a look at the sketch on crafty sentiments I think they are a great idea.
    loads of love Carol xx

  8. I know how your feeling, my little Bobby went in with croup and came out with an added bonus of Tonsilitis. So I know how it makes you feel but maybe the chest infection will clear quickly with her being there and they can treat it straight away. Tell Fiona she's in my prayers and take care of yourself William.
    Love and hugs
    Tracy x

  9. Hi William,
    so sorry to hear about Fi's setback, please let her know we're sending her get well wishes from Aberdeen
    will get the address from Sarah to send a card for her collection

  10. OMG hopefully Fiona recovers quickly and can get back to the comfort of her own home!!!
    Hugs xx

  11. Sorry to hear about Fiona's set back William. Hope it soon clears up. Please send Fiona my love & take good care yourself. Gez.xx

  12. Thanks for all the updates William. She's going to have some major card making when she gets out. LOL. I'm sorry to hear there's been a setback, but I'm sure it's better for her to stay where she is until they get everything under control. Prayers and hopes for a speedy recovery.
    Hugs xx

  13. I'm so sorry to hear of Fiona's setback. I am glad she has lots of cards, she is a lovely lady and we are all missing her in blogland.

  14. Oh dear what a shame, I hope that the chest infection clears up soon and at least Fiona is in the right place to deal with it. Sending lots of thoughts and hugs for her.
    Kim xXx


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