Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Another Good Day & New Release of Stamps

Good morning ladies. I am pleased to report that Fiona is continuing to improve and was feeling a bit chirpier when I was in visiting. She is still a bit chesty but her breathing is a bit easier and the doctors are pleased with the state of the heel and ankle sores. The plan is for all the doctors involved in her treatment to have a case conference today (Wednesday) to decide where to go from here. Home might hopefully be on the horizon.
Your continued good wishes and prayers are such a comfort to her and she now has cards from all over the globe. Thank you so much for your support.


Fiona has asked me to let you all know that Crafty Sentiments are releasing a new range of stamps today at 09:00hrs GMT. Why not visit the other members of teh DT to see what they have created with the new releases. They are:
Lisa Jane
Lisa R
Fiona obviously has not been able to join in.
The new realeases are all available on the Crafty Sentiments Shop Site

I hope I have managed to get all these links correct.
Thanks again,


  1. Oh thats great positive news.. I hope the case conference goes well and a plan is made. Great job on the New release ! better than me William .. Fiona better watch out when she gets home as we alL look forward to your posts WILLIAM! Perhaps you could have a guest spot every now and again lol!
    I am really mising my Teammate now and sorry she can't join in on the New release .I know she would have made some amazing projects!
    LOve to you both and everything crossed again for the case conference
    Lisa ;)

  2. What great news William - I am so happy to hear of Fiona's improvement! Am keeping my fingers crossed that the doctors' case conference will go well and that Fiona will be able to come home soon. Continued thoughts and prayers are going your way! And thanks for posting all those blog hop links - you are such a gem!
    Hugs, Danielle xo

  3. So happy to hear of the continued improvement. Lets hop all those boffin heads decide she can go home soon.
    Trust Fiona to be concerned about the new release - tell her she should be concentrating on herself not us here in blogland! LOL
    Squishy hugs,
    Teri x

  4. So glad there is some improvement with Fiona and hopefully when all those clever heads get together today the plan will be a good one. Missing Fiona today especially and imagine getting you to do the post, if you get time can I borrow you to write up a few of my posts lol. Thanks for all the updates, and big hugs to Fiona.

  5. good news Fiona is getting better...hope she is home soon...hugs Nikki xx

  6. With all this practice you'll be setting up your own blog Lol!
    So glad things are looking up for Fiona. Thank you William for taking the time to tell us all how she's doing each day, we all appreciate it. Love to Fiona.
    Tracy x

  7. Thats great news again!!! I do hope they decide today to get Fiona home again soon!!
    William you are doing a great job woth this blog in Fiona's absence, thank you so much for up-dating eveyone on her progress,
    Angela x

  8. Great news about Fiona. Hope she gets home soon.

    Kat x

  9. So happy to hear of Fiona's continuing improvement, william! I must say you are going beyond the call of duty with this post. My DH could NEVER have done all the linking and such! Great job! xxD

  10. Wonderful news. Hope she gets home really soon. Thanks for the updates.:)

  11. Fabulous news William, hopefully it won't be long before Fiona is home now. Well done with your blog posts, you've done a fab job.
    My best wishes to Fiona
    xx Vee

  12. Hi William.
    I am so sorry that I only picked up on Fiona's illness last night as apart from being away recently I don't get much time to do any blog hopping at the moment. I have read back to before Fiona was admitted to hospital to catch up and would love it if you would pass on my very best wishes to her and my hopes that she will be well enough to come home really soon.
    Warmest wishes to you both.
    Beryl xx

  13. Great to here Fiona is steadily getting better here's hoping that she will be back home this week.

    Hugs Carol Ann xx

  14. Brilliant news on Fiona thanks William and you have done a fab job on her blog with the new stamp release! So hope we will see her back blogging her beautiful cards soon with a full clean bill of health hugs to you both Rebekah x

  15. Hi William
    great news thanks for update, you do realise when Fiona gets home you will want to have a blog now! lol, cause you will miss us all, hugs to Fiona,sue.x


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