Monday, 19 April 2010

Further News

Hello ladies. I am pleased to report that Fiona's improvement continues. The intravenous antibiotics seem to be dealing with the infection and things are beginning to clear up. Doctors have always had difficulty in finding decent veins on Fiona for taking blood or fitting drips. They have given up this time and have introdused a canula into her arm that they have fed through her veins to her heart. This apparently can be left in place for about 6 months if required so when she gets home they will leave it in place for when she goes back in to see the Plastics Consultant.
She is looking a lot better and is thrilled with all your comments and emails. You have cheered her up no end. I'm truly grateful for all your interest.


  1. Great news to hear the improvements in both her leg and in her general self. Hoping that you are doing ok as well too. Lots of love to you both and hope to keep hearing positive news on fiona Emma xx

  2. Fabulous news!! Hopefully she'll be home soon and back to full health! Look after yourself too! Thanks for your continued updates - it's so good to hear of her improvements!
    Hugs, Danielle

  3. so glad to hear there is improvement. Oh Fiona, I hope you arent in pain (I'm a big baby and this all sounds so painful)..when you get home, just think of all your beautiful flowers you can make to pass the time-you are going to have a huge tub full! keeping you in prayer here...thank you so much William for the looking forward to the next update...have a blessed day, Linda

  4. Even better news (although it sounds awfully scary to me). Just hope you can come home soon! xxD

  5. Hi William
    oh thats great news so glad Fiona is feeling better, tell her i want to see a piccie of all the images she has coloured in & flowers she has made!!!! lol. Hugs Fiona. sue,x

  6. That's great news that Fiona is improving. Please give her my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  7. I'm so pleased Fiona is still improving. Please send her my very best wishes. a huge thank you to you too William for being so kind and keeping us blogging friends up to date. hugs xo Jackie

  8. OH thats great news - i bet she is feeling much happier. Good to hear they are using their common sense re the canula and will make things easier in the future if needed.
    Love to you both
    Lisa ;)

  9. Hoorah!! So glad she is on the mend. Keep us posted William - you're doing a fabulous job hun!
    Teri xx

  10. Fab news William, I am happy that she is recovring very well and I know how hard it can be to get blood as I work on a female surgical ward and that is part of my job.

    I am really happy that she is doing very well.


  11. Fabulous news William.
    Take care yourself I know how hard it can be getting to the hospital everday. I've just done it for 3 months.
    Please send Fiona all my love. Fingers & everything else crossed that Fiona continues to improve everyday.
    Have a good day.

  12. William that's great news!!! I hope Fiona continues to get better and can come home again soon!!!

    My good news today - Philip got a place at Lucy's school in Sept!!! He was so ill as a baby, I never dared hope for this, so happy!!!

    Take care, Angela x

  13. Hi William,
    My Hubby wouldn't know where to start if he had to put a post on my blog Lol!
    Your doing so well and so is Fiona too, glad it's all working and Fiona is improving, it will be really good when she can get home to her own surroundings. Take care both of you.
    Hugs and lots of love
    Tracy x

  14. just read all the updates. get better and come back to blogland soon, we miss you. Your in my thoughts and prayers . janex

  15. Hi William..thanx so much for the updates on Fiona...she is sorely missed and i definately wont be speaking for just myself...i am soooo happy that she is feeling and looking a lot better...fingers crossed she will be back really soon...sending massive luv n hugs to u all....Lesley xx

  16. Wow, how saddened I was to see that you were ill. I've been so busy for the past week that I haven't been on to comment on my lovely friends blogs. I was shocked to see that you hadn't been well and wished I had checked my blog friends earlier. I am so very glad that the improvements have been positive. I hope for a very speedy recovery for you. You are such a wonderful blog friend, I feel like I know you well. Prayers and smiles for a very speedy recovery.
    Hugs xx

  17. That's so wonderful! Fiona you are missed! Prayers to you both. :)


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