Saturday, 17 April 2010


Good morning ladies. I am pleased to report that things have been moving on with Fiona. The hospital have cleaned up the raw wounds and Fiona is being given intravenous antibiotics. Her leg has been photographed and redressed at regular intervals to monitor the area of infection and inflamation. She was dressed to go to theatre but when the Plastic Surgeon saw her he said that he could not operate until after all the infection has cleared and the wounds have settled. They have provisionally made an appointment for two weeks time but she may be seen before that if things improve sufficiently.
Before I went in to see her last night I looked at her blog and printed out all the comments and good wishes that had been left. I took them and copies of the emails that had been sent so that she could see them and she was overwhelmed with the amount of concern, good wishes and love that had been left for her. It cheered her up no end.
Thank you so much for caring.


  1. Thanks for the update and I'm so pleased to hear that Fiona is getting some good treatment and things are moving forward. Please pass on my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  2. That's great news, hopefully it won't be too long before she feels better. Please tell I am thinking of her.
    xx Vee

  3. That's good news. Thanks for letting us know William. Keeping everything crossed the AB's work. Sending Fiona lots of love & best wishes. ((hugs)) Gez.xx

  4. Good to hear things are moving on, Hopefully it won't be too long before she will be home again.
    Love Lin xx

  5. Wishing you well Fiona. Love visiting you blog but never left a message. Your cards truly inspire me thank you. Get better soon missing you. Love Lilliann x

  6. Thanks for the update! So glad to hear things are improving for Fiona and hopefully all the good wishes and prayers coming her way will have her back to full health quickly! Get well soon Fiona - we miss you & your beautiful cards!!
    Hugs, Danielle

  7. Thanks William for the update. So happy to hear the meds are doing their job. Hugs to Fiona! :)

  8. Oh William, could you please send on my get well wishes to Fiona. I haven't been blogging alot lately and I had no idea. Please let her know that we will all be waiting here for her when she is all well and up to crafting again. hugs xo Jackie

  9. Hi William
    thank you for keeping us update, i hope the infection soon clears, you best take her some images & pens in so she can do some work!! lol. Hope your home soon hun, miss ya.xx

  10. Thank you for the update William, and what a treasure you are for printing Fiona's mails and comments off... so sweet and thoughtful... I am so glad to hear that the hospital are looking after Fiona,

    here's to a speedy recovery hun.hope that those antibiotics kick in soon.. xxxxx

  11. HEllo William and also Fiona when you read this thankyou for the updates and fiona you are a brave cookie and keep fighting hun we want you back with your cards and your always positive comments. take care hunnie we are all thinking of you xx Emma

  12. Give Fiona my love:) Hope the infection clears up nice and quick!

  13. Thanks fr the update William - it sounds like they are trying to get on top of it now.. everything crossed here for you Fiona.
    Lisa ;)

  14. You are such a thoughful fellow, what a diamond!
    Glad to hear things are improving a bit. Here's to a speedy recovery hun!
    Love and hugs,
    Teri xx

  15. Thank you for another update, it's good to read there is a little improvement, hope the antibiotics speed things up soon!!
    Angela x

  16. Good Morning William,
    What a fab start to the day, reading this post and seeing that finally things are improving for Fiona, a long way to go yet but lets hope the antibiotics move things on a bit more quickly.
    Love and hugs to Fiona, take care William and thank you for the up date, keep them coming.
    Tracy x

  17. Thanks for the update William. Glad to hear that things are being done and hopefully the situation will improve. Please give Fiona my love and let her know we are all thinking of her.

  18. Thanks for the update on Fiona, glad she is now improving and hopefully she will keep going that way. send her all my love and hugs.

  19. Aren't you a dear keeping us informed and forwarding our love and best wishes to Fiona! We miss her like crazy! So glad the news is positive. Hang in there, luv! xxD

  20. Thanks for the update William. So pleased to hear things are starting to improve, hopefully the medication will speed it all up now.

    Love and hugs to you both, Christine x

  21. Firstly thank you William for keeping us ladies all up to date.
    Secondly I am so glad that Fiona is getting the correct care and making progress. It is probably for the best that they don't operate just yet, better to make sure the infection subsides properly and this in turn will help Fiona to feel better and stronger to take on the next step.
    Sending lots of love, care & thoughts.
    Kim xXx

  22. Pleas send Fiona my love and best wishes, i heard the news from Kim,(post above)today at my crop. Thinking of you Fiona ans sending you healing vibes.
    Hugs Tracy Gough xxx

  23. So glad she is on the mend William, thanks for letting us know how she is, hope evrything gets sprted soon, hugs to you both Rebekah x


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