Thursday, 7 January 2010

Sorry Again - No Card Today

I am afraid that I have not done a card for today although I am feeling a bit better than I did - I will be fit to try for tomorrow I hope. I seem to be getting through this better than hubby who is struggling. I had both the Flu and Swine Flu injections but he didn't qualify for them so maybe they have saved me some grief. Thanks for all your good wishes and caring comments.


  1. Hi hun
    sending you both warm huggies, hope you both feeling better soon, keep warm,sue.x

  2. Take special care Fiona. Thanks for keeping us updated you & hubby continue to be in my prayers. BIG ((hugs)) Gez.xx

  3. Glad your starting to improve a little, hope your Hubby starts felling a bit better soon too.
    Looking forward to having you back when your well enough.
    Tracy x

  4. So glad you are a bit better - don't rush to get back though hun! Give hubby a hug from me!
    Take care, both of you!
    Teri xx
    PS - we always bring some lurgy or other back with us when we visit down south - must be an unhealthy place!! LOL

  5. Ahh Fiona I hadn't realised you were unwell. Sending you a great big heart warming hug and get well wishes. Just keep warm and take it easy.

  6. Sorry to hear that your feeling poorly Fiona. Hope you get better very soon. Hugs Michele x

  7. Glad your feeling a little better but sorry that hubby isn't just yet. Take care the both of you and keep warm.
    Kim xXx

  8. Hang in there Fiona. Stay warm and get well soon.
    Beryl xx


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