Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Not a Challenge - Just a card

Hi all. Thank you for your visit to my wee blog. I appreciate you calling by and hope you find something to make your visit worthwhile.
I'm afraid I have been stricken with some dreaded lurgi. Hubby and I are both well below par with what seems to be a very bad chest infection. We are sore, sweaty, achey and very lethargic and definitely not good for much at the minute. In fact I have not made a card for the challenge I was going to enter with this post because I could not hold the ruler or crafting knife properly.
However, rather than not post at all, I have put forward this card that I made a little time back at one of Siobhan's classes at Stampaholics in Perth. The design and ideas are all her's although I did make the card. It has her stamp all over it - she is such a wonderful designer. I hope you like it. I am afraid I had to use flash for the photo and it doesn't do the detail on the card justice. Please bear with me as I haven't looked out the detail of the paper, stamps or images - I am so tired.
Do enjoy your crafting.



  1. oh my, dont worry about posting! rest rest rest ...we will be here when you are feeling well again! keeping you and DH in prayer!!
    hugs to you!
    btw...that card is a knockout!!!! now go rest!

  2. OMG Fiona, you poor thing! Go straight to bed and get better! So sorry your DH is sick as well. Who's gonna pamper who? Beautiful card. Male cards are so difficult. Thanks for posting, hon. xxD

  3. Hi Fiona, sorry to hear youand hubby are not well hope you both get better real quick...great card...now go rest and see you when your better..
    Mandy xx

  4. Hi Fiona,
    I hope you and hubby recover real quick,
    Stay warm and get better soon,
    Great card,

  5. Hi Fiona I hope you and hubby feel better soon x What with the snow and the lurghi you must feel dreadful. Love the card it is nice to sometimes just get creative rather than entering a competition x Hugs Pascalex

  6. so sorry to hear you are still feeling unwell - this is a lovely card - save your energy to get well and craft even more!

  7. Awwww Fiona, If I lived nearer I'd be round with the homemade soup. Still a good reason for you and the Hubby to cuddle up in bed and stay there until your feeling a bit better. Do take care love. I clicked on the card for a closer look and Wow I love it, so masculine and rich looking (colours and images).
    Hope your recovery is a speedy one.
    Tracy x

  8. Oh dear Fiona, I think you should both take to your bed and hibernate until it passes. I do hope you make a quick recovery especially as you both feel so ill there is nothing worse.
    The card is beautfiul though not your usual style but I still like it and would be perfect for an outdoor male.
    Kim xXx

  9. Absolutely agree with all the above - you get your rest and forget about posting on here until you are better!!
    Look after yourselves both of you!
    Teri xx

  10. What a beautiful card and the images are fabulous!!! I am so sorry to hear you and hubby not well,look after yourselves and post when you are better.
    Hugs xx

  11. hope you're both feeling much better soon
    lovely card - such a lovely autumn feel to it

  12. I love this Inkadinkadoo set, I picked it up on ebay in Nov but it is sadly still unused, I may go dust it off now, love the rustic colours. Get better soon, hate that you have this cold on top of all your other ailments......snuggle up warm.

    Sending hugs


  13. Sorry to hear you are both unwell. Thanks for managing to share this lovely card with us. Hope you're better soon.
    Beryl xx

  14. fab! There is so much detail on it, I just Love it! and I love the sepia look! Hugs Juls

  15. Oh Fiona, so sorry to hear you and your hubby are so sick. I hope you get over this lurgy quickly and feel better soon! Love the card by the way - it's very different to what you normally do - lots of lovely detail though.
    Big hugs, Danielle


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