Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I've done it again haven't I

Hi girls.
I am afraid I've done it again. I have been trying to get my Christmas cards done on days I've been feeling better and I had started putting them into scheduled posts before typing in descriptions. Stupid me scheduled them for 1st November and of course they had all posted on my blog this morning minus descriptions. My intention was to use them throughout November and December to help me get back to posting a card a day because I'm not yet up to crafting every day. I've deleted the posts and will start an orderly posting tomorrow. Thanks for the comments you left before I deleted them. I appreciate every one of them. I am so sorry for being so silly.


  1. sounds like something I would do!!! well really looking forward to seeing them again with the details....LOL with you (-:

  2. Oh I am so sorry you have not been feeling up to crafting Fiona!! I too look forward to seeing all your creations!! Have a great day!

  3. Sorry I missed them Fiona I was at work... Looking forward to seeing them all, wish I could get organized with posting I'm hopeless...lol always last minute with me these days.
    Take care
    xx Vee

  4. Oh dear I did wonder what had happened when you were up to Card 19 and couldn't get into any of the posts. These things happen hun. Hugs, Claire x

  5. You know, I'm going to try and stop worrying about posting every day. Life's too short. Hope you're feeling better. I haven't really been up to crafting either, but I've no excuse except being a bit burned out. xxD


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