Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Quick Hello and a Warning

Hi girls,
I am afraid that since getting home from hospital at the beginning of last week I have been feeling well under the weather and am now on another course of antibiotics to try to rid myself of yet another chest infection. I haven't been back in my craftroom yet and have been too tired to visit blogs to leave comments. I hope by the weekend to be back to something like normal. Sorry for being missing for so long but I don't want to start too quickly and fall by the wayside again.
While I am on I have received a few invitations to join some of my fellow bloggers as a friend on a site called I had started to join up on the first email I received when I was being asked for some confidential information so I backed out and have ignored subsequent invitations. I have now found out that one or two of my friends have received similar invites from me. This looks to be a scam so if you get an invitation from me do not open it. It will not have come from me. If I receive any more such emails I will be trashing them without opening them. Please be warned.
I hope to be back blogging shortly. In the meantime, thanks for your good wishes and cards.


  1. So good to hear from you Fiona and that your health is slowly improving! Be sure to take plenty of rest and make sure you're 100% before you come back to blogland ... you know we'll be waiting for you!
    Take care and have a wonderful Easter!
    Hugs, Danielle x

  2. so glad you are improving and RESTING! I did get one of those tubely things from several friends - isnt it so irritating that some people have nothing better to do than scam people!!! grrrr....
    Have a wonderful blessed Easter my friend...continuing to keep you in prayer
    please give William my Easter hello (-:

  3. Hi there, take care and take your time to heal, that is more important than visiting the other blogs.
    Wish you a nice Easter! Hugs Ageeth xx

  4. Hi hun
    hope your feeling better soon, best not to rush into things, thanks for the warning, take care, hi William, sue,x

  5. Dear Fiona,
    Glasd to see you're back, I hope your feeling better soon, take care for yourself
    big hugs Lia

  6. Hi Fiona, I really hope this course of antbiotics will clear your chest infection. Take real good care and don't worry about blogging until you feel up to it. Thanks for the warning about scam. I am heading home to Scotland today to visit my Dad. Little village called Garelochhead. Will be away 10 days. No internet so I will pop by when I am back.
    Take care

  7. Hi Fiona.. lovely to see you back.. and make sure you are completely recovered before your resume blogging and crafting.
    I did receive an invite from you.. but knew it was a scam immediately as you were ill and deleted it.. as if you don't have enough on your plate.

    Take care
    Lots of love to you both
    Lisa x

  8. You are doing the right thing resting,your health is most important,when your over the worse, your crafting and blog freinds will still be here.
    Thanks for the scam info.
    you takecare. hugs and kisses.janex

  9. Good to hear you are home from hospital Fi - take it easy and dont get rushing back into anything - your health is the main priority. I had an email from you but I knew it was a scam so immediately deleted it - added to blocked senders list and now don't get anymore. Take care sweetie. Hugs, Claire x

  10. We're missing you but totally understand that you must rest and look after yourself. So sending some more healing hugs over the net.
    I've got some of those invites didn't bother to join have enough with Blogger and Facebook without adding another, does sound like a scam.

  11. hello Fiona glad to read you are home and so hope you are feeling brighter every day.
    yep i too also received your e-mails only had another one this morning blinking bad companies!!!
    Take care hunnie and thanks to William for keeping us all updated xx

  12. Ah you've been through the mill this winter Fiona, hopefully you are coming to the end of your sickness and you will blossom into spring;) Thanks for the heads up, there are so many scams around its frightening!!

  13. Hi fiona,

    Sorry to hear you've been so poorly-I hope you're on the road to recovery but taking it nice and easy! Recuperating is much nicer in the sun isn't it! Have a lovely Easter weekend!

    P.S I keep getting those emails too!

  14. Take care you need to get back to full strength so we can appreciate your lovely work once again.
    I did get an invite - realised it was a scam and deleted it, didn't bother you as I knew you weren't well.
    Hugs Linbyx

  15. Hi Fiona, hope you get rid of the Chest infection soon and you can get back to feeling well again.
    I received one of these emails that you mentioned with your name on it and I did the same as you and backed out when I realized it was a scam. I've had another two from other people too but just deleted them.
    xx Vee

  16. Hi Fiona,
    So nice to hear from you, take it easy and don't do too much too soon. I hope you'll be able to enjoy your easter.

    I did get one of those Tubley e-mails with your name and a couple with other peoples names on too. It wasn't a problem I just deleted them.

    Hi to William too.
    Take care
    Tracy x

  17. Hi Fiona, I'm glad to hear that you are resting and feeling better. I hope you and William have a lovely Easter. Please keep getting better. We all miss you. Hugs to you both xo Jackie

  18. Hi Fiona sorry to hear that you have been unwell but am glad that you are feeling a little better now. Have lots of rest and relaxation and a good Easter. Hugs Sarahxx

  19. Hope your Easter is a good one Fiona and that you are feeling a bit stronger.
    Do take care xxx


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