Sunday, 24 April 2011

More Bad News

Hello ladies. I hear you all groaning "It's him again".
I am afraid that I am not the bearer of good news. I am sorry to tell you that Fiona is back in hospital again. On Friday morning when we awoke she said she didn't feel well and I decided to phone for a doctor only to find that the surgery was closed for the Easter Weekend. We didn't think it warranted phoning the emergency services so decided that it would be best to wait to see how things went. She wanted to get up to go to the toilet and she collapsed as soon as she got out of bed. She turned purple and was struggling for breath so I phoned for an ambulance immediately. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life waiting for them as I struggled to clear her airways and keep her at least semi conscious. Anyway she was rushed into hospital (Blue lights and sirens blazing) in Dunfermline (it's closer than Perth) and after over 4 hours in the resuscitation room, xrays, blood tests and a CT Scan they found out that she had had a blood clot in her leg which had broken up and moved resulting in several small clots in both lungs. She had complained on Thursday of a very sore and swollen lower right leg but we thought that it was fluid retention - how wrong can you be. She is now in the High Dependency Unit and getting anti-clotting drugs to resolve the clots. She does look a lot better but is still very weak. The consultant reckons she will be in hospital for a week to 10 days so I'm afraid that she will be missing from Blogland for a bit longer.
I never expected to be back on her blog so soon but I know a lot of you are interested in how she is progressing.
I hope you all have a good Easter Weekend.
Kindest Regards,


  1. So sory to hear that !
    I'm sending her warm thoughts all away from Norway!
    Hugs,Helle---> ♥

  2. My goodness William, what a scary time for you both. I can imagine how relieved you must have felt when the ambulance arrived. What an awful time Fiona's had recently, it just seems to be one thing after another. At least now that she's in hospital they'll do everything they can to make her better. Blood clots are nasty scary things so hopefully they'll be able to sort this out quickly.

    Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

    Kat xx

  3. Oh William, I am so sorry to hear this news of Fiona. How scary for the both of you but I'm so relieved to hear she is in hospital and hopefully on the road to recovery. Please send her my hugs and know that both of you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs, Danielle x

  4. OMG William. I am so very sorry to hear about Fiona. Just when you start to think that things are looking up something like this happens. You must have been so scared. Please give Fiona my love and know that you are both in my thoughts and prayers. Much love xo Jackie

  5. I held my breath reading your post - so thankful she is in the hospital and they realized quickly the problem...We know our Lord has this in His hands but it sure is hard...continuing to lift Fiona and you up in heart goes out to your family and church family - please know that many prayers are being lifted up from over here!!! have a blessed Easter celebrating our Lord's resurrection...

  6. Give her our love William and a hug for you.

  7. Oh Blum in Nora William! At least Fiona is in the best place now and be on the mend soon, big hugs to you both and take it easy! Sal xx

  8. Shoot! That was a close call man!!! Thank goodness she had you there to help.
    I really hope they can sort her out in that hospital and she gets home real soon.
    BIG hugs to you both!
    Teri xx

  9. So sorry to hear about poor Fiona it must have been very distresing for both of you. Hopefully once they sort her out she will be home with you again very soon. Please give her my love and keep us posted.

    Thanks and hugs, Barbara xx

  10. I've been away from blogland for a little while so I'm really sorry to hear that Fiona has been so poorly again. Please send her my very best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  11. Wow William, thats a story. Bad to hear that.
    Give her a big hug from me and i hope its getting better real soon.
    For you also a big hug.
    Love Astrid

  12. Oh my goodness William, that must have been so frightening and stressful for you both. Poor Fiona!! I am glad they have found what the problem was and are doing their best to fix it. Sending you both big hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery!! God bless.

  13. William what an awful situation to be faced with at least you know Fiona will get the best care possible there. Thinking of you both and wishing Fiona a speedy recovery so she is home safe and well with you again soon, take care xx

  14. Please give Fiona my love and best wishes and I pray for a speedy recovery!
    Hugs Tara xx

  15. Oh bless you William, this is awlful news, but Fi is in the right place and I am so glad that they located the problem so quickly. My warmest wishes go to the both of you and I hope she starts to feel better and makes a rapid recovery soon. Big hugs, Claire x

  16. I'm so sorry to hear the news about Fiona.
    Please give her a big hug from me.
    My warmest wishes to you both,
    Hugs Anna A from Sweden.

  17. Oh no William .. what a shock.. so sorry to ehar what happened..but Fiona is obviously in the right place.
    Love to you both ..thinking of you
    Lisa xx

  18. Oh...ich wünsche ganz schnell Gute Besserung und dass Fiona rasch wieder nach Hause kommt und es ihr gut geht.
    Gaaaaaaaaaaaanz liebe Grüße an sie.

  19. Hi William
    Poor Fiona, what a rough time she is having. Tell her I am thinking of her. Hope you are coping OK, I am sure you got a real fright. Here's hoping she makes a speedy recovery.
    Siobhan x

  20. So sorry to hear this. She is really one unlucky lady. I hope that she will be on her feet soon. My warmest wishes to you both. Hugs from Norway! :)

  21. Sorry to hear this. Best wishes to you both. I hope Fiona is better soon. Elaine

  22. What a frightening experience! There's nothing worse than your loved one going off in an ambulance with the lights flashing. I do hope Fiona improves rapidly and is soon able to come home. Meanwhile make sure you take care of yourself!

    Hugs to you both

    Judi xx

  23. Hi William
    sorry for the delay, sendin all me good wishes your way, hope Fiona will soon be home,hugs to you both, sue,xxxx

  24. I gasped out load reading your post. I couldn't begin to imagine what you were going through. Thank goodness she is in good hands and getting the attention she needs. Thinking of you both and sending you my biggest get well hugs.
    Kylie ox

  25. this is very sad news. Fiona and yourself will be in my prayers. Why do the good suffer ?
    I'm sure she will be well cared for in hospital and be home with you soon
    Takecare of yourself too, eat well and try and sleep.must be hard though.

  26. OMG William, I really hope Fiona makes a quick and good recovery, please send her my best wishes. And also don't forget you need to look after yourself too.


  27. Hello William so sad reading this that Fiona has taken a turn for the worse and what a scarey time for both of you to be going through. Hoping the next post from you will be with more positive news in the meantime you are one brave cookie and my love goes to you both. Emma x

  28. Oh William, what a traumatic time both Fiona and you are experiencing lately. Please give my best wishes to Fiona. Lots of love, Denise x

  29. Hi William...just dropped by to see how things were with Fiona...sorry to be reading this, how very frightening it must have been for you both....hope all goes well for her and that she can come back home soon!

    Sending some ((((Hugs)))) for you both
    Take care
    San x

  30. OMG I have been away for 5 days and with no internet connection and I come back and here Fiona is back in hospital.You must have been so worried,it totally shocked me,I hope that Fiona recovers well and can go back home ASAP!!! Take care of yourselves!!
    Love and Big Hugs to you both!!


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