Saturday, 5 March 2011


Hello ladies,
Just a quick update on Fiona. Thankfully the antibiotics and steroids seem to be kicking in and she is definitely improving. She has had blood tests and chest Xrays and we still await the results. The good news is that she has been in her craft room for short periods mainly stroking things and I would expect her to be back blogging in a few days. Your good wishes and messages of support have been a great encouragement to her and she is dying to get back in the swing of things but I am keeping a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't overdo things because she tires very quickly. All being well the next post on her blog will be from her and by that time she'll be back catching up on all your cards.
She sends her love and best wishes to you all.
Kindest regards,


  1. OMG Fiona,you certainly have been knocked about the last few months,I do hope that you recover very quickly and can get back to what you love doing.Please do not worry about commenting,your health is more important!!! William,I do love it when you post,but obviously not under these circumstances.Please take care and rest up!!
    Big Hugs

  2. Good to hear Fiona's back on the mend, tell her to take it easy :)

  3. Great news!!! so glad your feeling better Fiona looking forward to seeing your cards and reading your lovely posts again soon. Take care and don't be rushing things....Wel done William you're a rock!!
    xx Vee

  4. Hurrah! Thats great news! Take it easy both of you! HUgz x

  5. Sorry to hear you're poorly Fiona but glad to hear you starting to feel better. Now do as Nurse William tells you and not over do it.

  6. So glad that you are feeling a little better and look forward to seeing your next card posting, which hopefully won't be too far away.
    Thanks for the update William.

  7. Schön zu hören (lesen), dass es dir wieder besser geht und du auf dem Weg der Besserung bist liebe Fiona.
    Lass es langsam angehen!!

    xoxo doris

  8. So glad things are looking up, and you didn't get admitted again. Take it easy hun - don't overdo anything!
    Teri x

  9. Hi William

    Glad to hear Fiona's making good progress, look forward to seeing her back with us soon.


    Judi x

  10. I look forward to your cards and comments Fiona

  11. Great news. I'm so happy you are getting better.
    Take care Fiona.
    Hugs Anna A

  12. Hi William and Fiona of course lol.. thanks you for the update and i am so glad that you seem to be picking up Fiona.. have been worried about you.
    What we need now is some sunshine and warmer weather too to make you feel a lot better ..
    Please take care both of you,
    Thinking of you
    Lisa ;)

  13. Thats great news to hear William - thanks for the update - she has certainly been missed and look forward to seeing her back very soon! Hugs, Claire x

  14. Fabulous news! Stay strong, you two! So happy things are looking up. Big hugs, D xx

  15. Thanks for the update William. Since I read your post last week I've kept checking my blo list for more news. I'm relieved the news is positive.

    Hope you're beginning to feel a bit stronger Fiona. Sounds as if you're missing your crafting. Hope to read a post from you soon. Meanwhile hope you can rest and get your strength back. I think we're all missing your lovely cards.

    Take care,

    Kat xx

  16. Great news William. Thanks for giving us an update on Fiona's progress. Hugs to Fiona

  17. Thats great news William. For the both of you keep strong. And the best wishes.
    Hugs Astrid

  18. Glad to hear Fiona's making good progress. And so nice ho hear that you are looking after her so well:)
    Give her regards and hope to see her here soon :)
    Hugs Lill

  19. Hi William
    so pleases to hear Fiona is feeling better,give her a hug from me, thanks William, sue,x

  20. Great news William, you must be looking after Fiona well:) Give her a hug from me.

  21. well Fiona is in the best of hands - you and the Lord (-:
    looking forward to seeing her back in the swing of things and so glad you are helping her to NOT come back too soon
    hugs and prayers

  22. so very pleased things are improving, just seen a comment from you on my blog, just take it easy still.
    big hugs. janex

  23. glad to hear, it's better now !!! got something for you, Fiona on my blog, if you got the time and strenght, please pick it up in a few days ! wish you lots of luck to get better now !
    hugs, martina

  24. That's great news, thanks for the update, I wish Fiona and yourself well.
    Kim xXx

  25. What a gem you are William, taking such good care of Fiona. So glad things are improving and looking forward to Fiona's creations again.
    Take care the both of you.
    love and hugs
    Tracy x


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