Friday, 18 March 2011

Live is Wheezy

Hello again ladies.
I am afraid to report that Fiona is very poorly just now. Another raging chest infection, another 10 day course of antibiotics and steroids and the threat of hospital looming in the background. I think the long cold damp winter is taking it's toll. Every time she leaves the house (and that is not often) the wheezing and coughing gets worse. She is due to go to hospital next Wednesday to see the Consultant who put her on oxygen 24/7 so maybe something will come out of that. We'll see.

She hopes to be fit enough to get round your blogs over the weekend.

Thank you all for your kind comments and especially for the cards she has been sent. It is much appreciated.




  1. Awww geez....Fiona...sending great BIG AUSSIE HUGS to you......been thinking of you and I will keep you in my thoughts.....Thank you William for the update. I pray to hear better news for you soon Fiona.Hopefully once your weather warms up, it will ease and you will get your strength back....maybe a move to Aussie land!!!!

  2. oh Fiona, I have the solution - just move here to Virginia LOL...well, probably sunny Florida would be know the drill - rest and drink your fluids...and let's just pray for good health and beautiful weather!
    Thanks so much William for keeping us posted - you know Fiona is special to us all (-:
    hugs n prayers to you both

  3. Aww I'm so sorry to hear Fiona is not well again,sending big hugs,lots of get well wishes and please take care both of you,thank you for the update and I hope things improve really quickly...
    Mandy x

  4. Sending a lots of getting-well dust over there.
    I hope Fiona will feel better soon, hurts to hear that she have it so bad now.
    Well cross my fingers and my tows and prays for Fiona's helth.
    Hugs Lill

  5. poor Fiona, our thoughts and prayer are with her. janex

  6. Fiona get well soon hunnie we all miss you loads. hoping the consultant will give you some encouraging news next week take care and thanks William for the update xx

  7. Heck - not again! She must be fed up with it all, poor thing.
    Roll on a proper Spring and Summer. . .
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery hun!
    Teri xx

  8. awe, Bless Fiona..sending her a very gentle cyber ((hug)). Hope the Ab's soon kick in & start to work. Fingers crossed for next Wednesday. Keeping Fiona in my thoughts & prayers. Take care too William.xx

  9. So sorry to hear Fiona is so poorly again. Hope the meds kick in soon for her. Big hugs Fiona

  10. Aiiii thats bad. Hopes its gone be oke and the medicals will help her.
    Big Hugs Astrid

  11. Aww not again, she must be feeling really devastated that its come back. Send her my love again .... I think you need to move to warmer climes both of you. At least here in the Midlands we have warm sunshine today - she could move to Solihull (your Son lives there doesn't he?) Big hugs, Claire x

  12. Ah poor Fiona, she is really getting it tough. Hope the doctor can help. Sending her lots of big get well hugs.

  13. Hi Fiona,
    hope you feel well soon, so we can see all your pretty creations !!!
    get well!
    greetings, martina

  14. So sorry to hear you are poorly again Fiona. Hope you are back soon babes. Lol Lynn ♥

  15. Oh, NO! Not again! Poor Fiona! I think you're just gonna have to come down here to the nice warm south (Hampshire) to live - can't have one of our craft girls suffering!

    Do send her my love


  16. Hi William
    aww im sorry to hear Fiona is poorly again, bless her, do give her my luv, hope she is soon feelin better, sue,x

  17. Hello William, I am so sorry to read that Fiona is not well - please send her hugs from me for a speedy recovery.

  18. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that Fiona is unwell again. Please send her my love and hope that she has a super speedy recovery. Thank you William for keeping us informed. Sending you both hugs xo Jackie

  19. What terrible news, poor Fiona, she must be so downhearted, I do hope the doctors can help in some way next week.
    Hugs to Fiona and take care William,
    Tracy x

  20. Sorry to hear she's poorly again,s ending my best wishes!

  21. Send Fiona my best wishes. And get well hugs from me.
    Hugs Anna A

  22. I am a bit behind with blogging as I have been away...I just wanted to give my Love to Fiona and hope she will be feeling a lot better soon...also can you ley her know I have been taking a lon look at her blog to catch up on all her creations I missed while I was away...can you let her know that I think her work is inspiring!

    Sending Hugs

  23. Awwwwwww I'm so sorry to hear that Fiona is feeling poorly again. Hope that she starts to feel better soon. Hugs Michele x

  24. So sorry to be reading Fiona's not too good again...hope things will improve soon...
    Sending some ((((((HUGS)))))) for her.

    Take care
    San x

  25. Sorry to read this - only just catching up over the last week. Hope Fiona is much better by now.
    Beryl xx

  26. sorry to read, that fiona is ill. i hope that she feels a lot better now
    hugs from Arina

  27. Just popping by again to see how you are and wish you well xx
    Lol Lynn ♥

  28. Hi Fiona!!! what a lovely surprise this morning to find a lovely comment from you. I hope you are on the mend and feeling heaps better. So nice to hear from you again. Lots of hugs
    xx Vee

  29. Hi Fiona , hope the weekend brings some good news on your health.
    thinking of you xxx


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