Friday, 4 May 2012

Health Update

Hello ladies,
I'm afraid that I am back again with bad news. After some months of particularly poor health Fiona has been taken in to Perth Royal Infirmary with a very badly swollen and inflamed left leg. Apparently all the chest infections that she has been suffering over the weeks have led to a situation that has left her with infection in her bloodstream. She has had a couple of days in the High Dependency Unit with intravenous lines feeding her antibiotics. Fortunately they seem to be working although I anticipate that she will be in for a few days yet and that even when she gets home she will need a long rest. This seems to have really floored her. She has tried so hard to get back to blogging but has been so tired lately - at least we now know the reason.
She wanted me to let you know why she will be missing for a while yet.
Kindest regards,


  1. So sorry to hear Fiona's so poorly. Please pass on my very best wishes to her.
    Beryl xx

  2. Get well soon Fiona xx

  3. Poor Fiona,she will be in my prayers. Hope she gets well soon and is not in pain. Some people suffer too much.

  4. Send her my love William and hope Fiona is back home soon.

  5. send her my love Willem and I hope she will back soon home and feeling better
    hugs Lia

  6. Darn it. I bet she's so pee'd off right now, poor thing. Give her my best wishes won't you? And take care of yourself too!
    Teri xx

  7. Thanks for letting us know William, poor Fiona I hope she is better real soon. Lots of Love xxx

  8. Take care Fiona, I hope you are feeling better soon xxx

  9. Oh dear, not again, she had started to craft again too. Please pass on my warmest wishes to her and wish her a speedy recovery. Hugs, Claire x

  10. Please pass on my best wishes to Fiona, glad things are going in the right direction, love & hugs, Gez xx

  11. Sorry to hear Fiona's in hospital again William. Please give her my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Kat xx

  12. I am so sorry to hear that Fiona is unwell again. Please send my love to her and wish her a speedy recovery.
    Love xo Jackie

  13. So sorry to hear this William, give Fiona my best wishes and lots of hugs too. Thanks for letting us know.
    Take care
    Tracy x

  14. Sending love & hugs for a speedy recovery.

    Take Care
    Alison xx

  15. William i am so sorry to hear that yet again Fiona is ill ....I really hope she gets better really soon love and hugs xx jo xx

  16. Hi William, knew in my heart she wasn't feeling well. Praying drs and meds will have her feeling better soon, hoping she's home now. Sure miss my craftin sister but keeping her in prayer
    Hugs to you both, hope the weather is nice and she can enjoy the garden ...
    Much love in Christ,

  17. Hi William I'm so sorry to hear Fiona is in hospital. Please give her my best wishes for speedy recovery.
    xx Vee

  18. Hi William
    Sorry to hear about Fiona..... Send her my love ..... We all miss her in Blogland..lots of love

  19. Just poppin in to see if there was some good news ....prayin for ya!
    You must be chasing William around in your garden (-;
    Kidding aside, sure hope you are on the mend ....
    Miss ya


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